Weekly Top 5: The Top 5 Products for Your Number 2

You spend a good chunk of your life sitting on the toilet. Why not make that time better by improving all aspects of your "movements"?
Updated September 3, 2021

Look. Today we’re talking about something people don’t normally talk about in polite company. We’re talking about your time sitting on the toilet.

Everyone does it. Yeah, even ladies. It’s natural, OK? And it’s regular. But what if sometimes it’s not as regular as it should be? This week, yeah, we’re talking about poop. And not to toot (heh… get it? I’m so sorry) our own horns, but we found the best products for all your movement-related needs. Let’s look at the top five products that will make you feel like you’re number one at number twos.

1. The supplements to make everything happy and smooth

best poop products

Poophoria, $39/mo

Get your GI tract on track with Poophoria. This vitamin and supplement brand comes as a monthly subscription that focuses on reducing bloating, improving gut health, and getting your bowels moving. Poophoria is great for those with acne, IBS and asthma. Of course, achieving that euphoric feeling that occurs after a particularly satisfying bathroom session is a huge plus. Achieve your poo-phoria ASAP.

2. An earth-changing toilet paper

best poop products

Reel Paper, $32.99/mo

Toilet paper is up there in basic necessities with food, water, and shelter. (I mean, it wasn’t a coincidence that toilet paper was the top product people hoarded when the world turned uncertain in 2020.) Unfortunately, it takes a lot of trees to handle the volume of toilet paper we all go through (27,000 are cut down every day) — and that can be harmful for the environment. Reel Paper is taking on that problem. Reel paper makes its TP from bamboo trees because it’s the fastest-growing plant on the planet and it uses 30% less water than hardwood trees. Reel Paper is helping the planet, one wipe at a time.

3. A good day for a bidet

best poop products

Tushy, $99

Maybe toilet paper isn’t really your thing. Maybe you want to elevate your potty experience. You can upgrade your toilet with the Tushy bidet, an easy-to-install bathroom fixture that washes your undercarriage so you don’t have to. The best part about Tushy is it can be installed in just minutes without any extra plumbing or electricity.

4. Pop a squat

best poop products

Squatty Potty, $24.99

Have you ever been sitting on the toilet (ya know, as one does) and wondered if there was a better position for your feet? You haven’t? Well we’re looking out for you, your sitting position actually can make a difference in how things go when you’re taking care of business. The Squatty Potty is a curved stool you place against your toilet to elevate your feet. The resulting squatting position creates an easier pathway for feces to travel through. 

5. Get a whiff of that

best poop products

Poo-Pourri, $24.99

Do you smell that? Hm, neither do we. That’s Poo-Pourri for you. Poo-Pourri is a poop-positive brand that takes the shame (and more importantly, the smell) away from whatever comes out of your body. The spray is made of essential oils and other natural compounds, and is meant to be sprayed before you poop.