Weekly Top 5: The Best Stuff to Buy for Your Fall Camping Trips

Sure, you've got your standard camping gear, but how 'bout an upgrade? Check out some new and innovative products for the next time you venture into the great outdoors.
Updated August 27, 2021

The great outdoors are, well, great. But they could be better with a portable toilet, bug bite remover, and perfect pair of hiking boots. For this week’s Dealspotr top five, we’re jumping into the world of camping, just in time for your autumnal travels. Let’s look at the top five products that will turn the great outdoors into the greatest outdoors. 

1. Hike in style

camping products fall

Merry People Boots, $129.95

These boots weren’t just made for walking. No, Merry People boots are for the hiker, camper, walker, and dancer in the rain. With ample ankle and arch support, these rubber, waterproof and vegan boots can elevate a camper’s experience. Or at the very least, they’ll elevate your style at the campsite and beyond.

2. Have a beary nice sleep

camping products fall

Fruugo Full Body Bear-Shaped Sleeping Bag, $89

Bears look like they’re pretty cozy, right? So it would make logical sense that if you were a bear, you’d be cozy. I think. Anyway, though technology hasn’t evolved to the point where you can turn into an actual bear, get the next best thing on your camping trip with a bear-shaped sleeping bag from Fruugo. It will keep you warm, comfortable, and incognito if you go on a mission to swipe picnic baskets.

3. Addressing that one issue about camping people don’t always like to talk about...

camping products fall

Texsport Portable Toilet, $22

Your internal plumbing stops for no man or circumstance. So when you’re out in nature and nature calls, you can’t always rely on the wonders of plumbing or campsite restrooms. Just bring your own portable toilet, which we found at Grainger. That way, you can use the facilities anywhere you set it up. OK, maybe not anywhere. But hey, it’s better than squatting.

4. Cook whatever you catch

camping products fall

Decathalon Quechua Cookset, $60

Make your outdoors experience far more authentic by only eating what you catch. Whether it's small game or fish from a nearby river, the Quechua four-person cook set at Decathlon has it all. It’s stainless steel, easy to store, and holds everything you and your family of four would need to both cook and eat. Note: I suppose it could also cook all the food you bring from the grocery store, too.

5. Bug bites be gone!

camping products fall

Bug Bite Thing, $10

We hold these truths to be self-evident: Hiking can get muddy, camping can be a pain in the back, and bugs are the plus one you didn’t invite along. Getting a mosquito bite, bee sting, or tick bite can happen. So you should be prepared. No, not with bug spray (although we highly recommend bug spray). When you’re in the wilderness, you should also bring the Bug Bite Thing, which we found at REI. This easy-to-use suction tool extracts insect saliva from under the skin to alleviate pain, swelling, or itching associated with the bite.