Top 5 Cheap Internet Services Without a Phone Line or Cable

Even if you don't have a phone line or cable, it's still possible today to get high-speed internet in your home. Here are services that can provide it.
Averil Gleason
Updated January 28, 2022

In order to survive, you need the essentials. Food, water, shelter, internet. Yeah, that’s basically all you need to survive. But what if your internet is laggy? Or slow or expensive or unreliable? Here at Dealspotr, we want to make sure that you get the essentials. And while we can’t provide the food, water, or shelter, we can show you the top internet alternatives and internet providers in the game — and ones that are very affordable options. In this Dealspotr Top 5, we’re sharing the best cheap interest service providers (ISPs) that don’t require a phone line or cable. 

Hughes is Huge 

cheap internet services

HughesNet, from $60/month

All the best things come from space. Aliens, Interstellar, Spok, HughesNet. This satellite internet service uses the signal sent from a satellite in orbit to the satellite dish mounted on your property, which connects to a modem inside to provide your internet. HughesNet offers free satellite installation, so you won’t have to worry about hidden fees that come along with new internet providers. Speeds can reach up to 25 Mbps, and you can get up to 60 gigabytes of data per month.

Let’s Link Up

cheap internet services

CenturyLink, from $50/month

Ranked among the top fiber internet services providers of 2021, CenturyLink offers plans for internet, internet and phone, internet and TV, or all of the above. CenturyLink can carry large amounts of data in a single line, often reaching multiple terabytes of data transfer fairly easily. With unlimited data and no long term commitment, CenturyLink has internet speeds that can match everyone’s everyday lifestyles.

Handy Dandy Pocket Internet

cheap internet services

Red Pocket Mobile, from $10/month

Red Pocket Mobile is a mobile broadband internet connection service that delivers internet over airwaves — basically, it's the data service you get on your phone, only here you'd get it in your home. This internet service provider is contract-free and also offers monthly, annual, and family cell phone plans.

The Stars at Night Look Big and Bright with Great Internet

cheap internet services

Starry, from $50/month

Our favorite fixed wireless (that's wireless via radio waves) broadband provider is out of this world. Like all other radio wave broadband providers, Starry uses an antenna on radio towers and skyscrapers to transmit internet across the city to you. It provides internet all over the country, even those hard-to-reach, out-of-the-way places. This alternative internet service offers unlimited data, a free WiFi router, and free installation, with no long-term contracts. 

You Won’t Have to Google This to Know it’s Good

cheap internet services

Google Fiber, from $70/month

Google Fiber is a triple threat: It’s fast, reliable, and fairly priced. This fiber internet service provides corner-to-corner Wi-Fi coverage, always. Google Fiber is up to six times faster than cable internet, and comes with a free professional installation. Of course, if you want to DIY your WiFi, Google Fiber will send you a self-install kit. With Google Fiber, you won’t have to worry about data caps or contracts.