Top 5 Children’s Debit Cards for Teaching Your Kids Money Management

Handing a kid cash to put in a piggy bank doesn't teach them the realities of modern financial literacy. Prepare your kid for the real money management decisions they'll face in life with a children's debit card.
Updated November 30, 2021

You’ll never believe it, but kids are people too. And when you’re not around, they’ll need money. (Well, they want money when you are around, but they also want it when you’re not.) For movies or lunches at school or pencil erasers that don’t really work but for some reason cost way too much money at book fairs. When that day comes, and you’re ready for your child to take on financial responsibility, you may want to look into a debit card for kids. After all, the best way to prepare them for money management in the real world is through using a card, not cash.

For this Dealspotr Top 5, we’re showing you our favorite children’s debit card companies to prepare your kids for all of their modern financial literacy needs.

Keep it in the Fam

childrens debit cards

FamZoo, $5.99/month

FamZoo isn’t just for kids. Well, it’s for kids, but it’s also really helpful for parents and teens as well. With FamZoo debit cards, parents release money into their children’s account. You’re in control of what your kid spends, where they spend it, and how they spend it — and they can’t be charged for overdrafts. The card also comes with an accompanying app that gives you peace of mind (and/or the ability to spy on what your kid is buying) when your kid is on-the-go.

Green Light Means Go

childrens debit cards

Greenlight, $4.99/month

In a world where everything and everyone is going cashless, it’s hard to have money on-hand to pay your kids their allowance or reward them for the chores they’ve completed. With debit cards like Greenlight, that’s no longer an issue. The Greenlight debit card app allows parents to put an allowance on autopilot, create in-app chore lists, and get notifications when your kid uses the card. 

Busy Kids Need Cards

childrens debit cards

BusyKid, $19.99/year

Teach your children a balanced financial approach from a young age with the BusyKid debit card. BusyKid has an automatic savings feature on its app that will help teach your child how to save money when they earn it through either an allowance or chores. This reloadable card gives children the chance to invest their earnings and savings as well, because BusyKid believes it’s never too early to learn financial responsibility. (And ultimately, it may prepare your kid for even more advanced savings goal apps!)

Till Debit Do You Part

childrens debit cards

Till Financial, Free

Get your finances in check from a young age with Till Financial. This debit card for kids is free and allows families to manage their money together. Till knows the “money talk” can be uncomfortable, but in a world where you need money to do pretty much everything, this conversation should happen sooner rather than later. With Till, children can spend and parents can watch how they spend from an adjoining app. It allows for independence for both children and their parents.

For Kids on the Go

childrens debit cards

gohenry, $3.99/month

gohenry is more than a debit card for kids. It’s an app. A place to play. And more than that, it’s a learning experience. The gohenry app offers videos and games that teach children the importance of financing, and make it fun while doing it. The app allows parents to set up weekly allowances and chore rewards. More than that, the debit card gives kids the chance to understand how to spend wisely. Parents can help guide their children in the right direction with customizable controls and real-time updates on what’s being spent where.