Weekly Top 5: Five Products and Apps to Lock Down Your Online Security

Staying safe online is an ongoing challenge. These products and apps can help keep you (and your private data) more secure.
Updated August 20, 2021

When you get home, you lock your doors. When you park somewhere, you make sure no one can break into your car. And when you have something valuable, you lock it away in a password-protected safe. Security doesn’t end there, though. The more we rely on technology, the safer we have to be, which means we need the best cyber security that fits our needs. For this Weekly Top 5, we’re jumping into the world of cyber security. Let’s look at the top five products that can help keep you more secure online. 

1. Manage (and protect) your passwords

cybersecurity products apps

LastPass, up to $6/mo

Every time you sign up for a new service or become a member for a site online, you’re going to need to come up with a new password. (At least you should. I swear I don’t just use the same password for every single site.) With a capital letter, a number, punctuation, length requirements, and more, it can be difficult to remember what password goes where. LastPass is a top-rated password manager that stores encrypted passwords online. And it gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device, so you don’t have to worry about remembering which password goes with which website.

2. Browse the web with a good VPN

cybersecurity products apps

NordVPN, from $3.30/mo

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your internet’s speed in exchange for security. In fact, you should be able to protect your online life without even thinking twice about it. A good VPN will maintain your internet speed and work across all of your devices while effortlessly keeping your online traffic secure and private. NordVPN offers lockdown security, fast speeds, and no bandwith limits across up to six devices at the same time, allowing you to browse freely, quickly, and safely.

3. Protect yourself from ever-changing malware

cybersecurity products apps

Malwarebytes, $69/year

Viruses, malware, ransomware, and other attacks on your computer aren’t stopping — if anything, they’re getting more sophisticated. Malwarebytes is an antivirus company that specializes in protecting home computers, smartphones, and businesses from the ever evolving malware threats.  And unlike some antivirus software you may’ve tried in the past, it doesn’t hog your computer’s resources (because in those cases, the cure to viruses is arguably as irritating as just getting the viruses themselves).

4. Encrypt your files on an external drive

cybersecurity products apps

Kingston Ironkey D300S, $62

You may not be able to store your actual memories pensive-style (Professor Dumbledore, we’re lookin’ at you), but we can get you as close to magic as possible with quality memory and storage solutions. Kingston’s Ironkey D300S is an encrypted flash drive that acts as a storage hub for your sensitive information. This flash drive is known for being unhackable, and that alone makes it worth its money. (Just make sure you remember the password before you store millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency on the drive.)

5. Light up your firewall

cybersecurity products apps

Firewalla, from $119

The home router you got from your cable company has some level of firewall protection — but you can always do better.  Firewalla is an all-in-one, simple, and intelligent firewall that connects to your router and protects your devices from cyber attacks. You can quickly hook up one of the devices to your home network for better protection, which could be especially important if you’re working from home and handling sensitive information.