Top 5 Deodorants and Antiperspirants to Defeat Your Excessive Sweating

Suffer from excessive sweating? Here are five options you can quickly roll or wipe on your underarms (or other body parts) to get things under control.
Updated October 19, 2021

As the pumpkin patches pop up and the leaves on the trees turn from green to gold, you know it’s officially fall. Which means the weather is cooling and if you’re an excessive sweater (meaning you sweat a lot, not that you're a wool shirt)… this is huge. But sometimes even cool weather doesn’t do the trick to keep your glands in check. For this Dealspotr Top 5, we’re diving into the best ways to stop the sweat. Let this article be your ins-perspiration (does that work? We think it does. Just go with it).

Seize the antiperspirant

deodorants excessive sweating

Carpe, $34

Sweating starts and ends with you. It just depends on where you sweat and how you want to treat it. Carpe created antiperspirants for your feet, face, underarms, breasts, thighs, and groin. Basically, if you’re sweating anywhere, Carpe’s got a wash, wipe, lotion or deodorant for that. Carpe’s products are made with aluminum salt, which forms a plug in your sweat ducts. It takes about four weeks of consistent use for Carpe products to work with your body, so if you’ve got the time — and the sweat — Carpe’s probably got the product for you.

Say so long to sweat marks

deodorants excessive sweating

Duradry, $37

Everyone sweats. It’s just a part of life. So then, if everyone does it, why is it so embarrassing when sweat stains show through your clothes? If you’re an excessive sweater, you know how humiliating it can be, especially if you’re not in a warm place or doing something active. The Duradry’s three-day starter kit allows you to achieve dryness within a week of consistent use. Start by applying the Duradry PM gel before bed. The Duradry AM formula protects you from sweat and odor during the day, and the Duradry Wash primes and deodorizes your skin.

Block the haters, and by haters we mean sweat

deodorants excessive sweating

SweatBlock, $11

SweatBlock was created for sweaters, by sweaters. When Dr. Scott Steffensen had enough with his own struggles with sweating, he created SweatBlock. SweatBlock products are made with aluminum chloride, which blocks sweat production by causing sweat ducts to swell up. Whether you use their wipes, which should be applied at night, or their daily deodorants that block sweat, you’re sure to reduce your perspiration.

From ZeroSweat to hero

deodorants excessive sweating

ZeroSweat, $16

Sweating is a normal bodily function and the average person, believe it or not, has about four million sweat glands on their body. The part that may not seem normal is how often these glands secrete sweat. ZeroSweat understands that some people perspire more than others. It could be because you have hyperhidrosis, are going through menopause, have underlying health conditions, or are an athlete. But just because you have reasons for sweating doesn’t mean you should sweat excessively. ZeroSweat offers pads, lotions, wipes and deodorants for every sweater, because sweat is inevitable, but also treatable.

Minimize sweating with Maxim

deodorants excessive sweating

Maxim Antiperspirant, $14

Did you know that more than seven million Americans suffer from excessive sweating? If you find yourself shying away from outdoor events or going places you may perspire, it’s time to change that mindset with Maxim Antiperspirants. Maxim was designed to block your sweat glands without impacting the body’s natural ability to control its temperature. This deodorant is made to be applied before bed. Use your normal deodorant during the day, and you should start seeing results within a week.