Top Five Dog Vitamin and Supplement Brands for the Healthiest Pup in Town

Keep your dog healthy and happy with top-of-the-line dog vitamins and supplements. Here are our picks for the best brands for your best friend.
Updated October 13, 2021

Dogs are more than pets. They’re man’s best friend. And woman’s best friend. And honestly, anyone’s best friend. (Well, except maybe me. I am just now discovering the joy of dogs here in my late 20s. Better late than never, right?) And while dogs are naturally pretty healthy and lively, it never hurts to give them a little boost. After all, you’d want to feed your healthy human best friend a bunch of supplements to keep them healthier, right? (Assuming that wasn’t totally weird.)

For this Dealspotr Top 5, we’re highlighting the most pawsome dog supplements out there. And you’re barking up the wrong tree if you think that’s my last dog pun of this article.

In Like Finn

dog vitamin supplement brands

Finn Wellness, $28

Be the hero your dog thinks you are by providing them with the supplements their little (or large) bodies crave. Finn Wellness has dog supplements for your pooch’s every need. Do they get anxiety? There’s calming gummies for that. Hip and joint pain? Get supplements for that. Want to make sure your dog’s coat is shiny? Yep, there’s a supplement for that, too. If you’re not sure what kind of pupplement (not a typo) your dog needs, Finn has a virtual vet that will provide you with tailor-made supplement recommendations based on your dog’s age, breed, diet, and medical history.

In the Front of our Minds

dog vitamin supplement brands

Front of the Pack, $35

Supplements give your dog some nutrients where they wouldn’t otherwise get them. And if your veterinarian has OK’d the addition of pet supplements to your dog’s diet, then Front of the Pack may be the right brand for you. These dog supplements come in a powdered form filled with ingredients clinically proven to support your dog's joints, immunity, gut, and more. Front of the Pack comes in bulk packaging or on-the-go stick packages for a dog owner on the move.

Loving the Honesty Here

dog vitamin supplement brands

PetHonesty, $25

Whether you want to support your dog’s GI tract or help increase immune function, PetHonesty has the chews for you. This brand of pet supplements is FDA-registered and uses a no-heat cooking method to maintain product quality. Not a lot of pet supplement companies can say that, ya know. There’s a wide variety of supplements for your dog’s needs, but PetHonesty is perhaps best known for its allergy support chews.

Feeling Ruff? Try Green Gruff

dog vitamin supplement brands

Green Gruff, $28

Humans aren’t the only ones who benefit from the effects of CBD. Dogs can feel it, too. And the best part is when given correctly, CBD can be really helpful for your pet. Green Gruff dog supplements are a great way to introduce the calming effects of CBD to your pet. And of course, if you don’t think your dog will benefit from CBD, Green Gruff offers CBD-free chews to ease joint and hip pain, smooth skin and coats, and calm down an anxious pup. All of Green Gruff supplements are accredited by vets and scientists, and are corn-, soy-, wheat-, and pesticide-free.

Howling for Health

dog vitamin supplement brands

Healthy Solutions for Pets, $14

If you find your pup in a weird predicament (like eating its own poop or yellowing the carpets with its urine) then you’re going to want to hear about the supplements that Healthy Solutions for Pets offers. This brand knows how overwhelming it can be to understand your pet’s health needs. And the products and formulas sold take the guesswork out of caring for your pet. Healthy Solutions for Pets also offers supplements for aging cats. I can’t imagine any cat people have read this far into the article, but if you have, I’ve just thrown you a bone. OK. That’s the final pun.