The Top 5 Websites to Find the Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet You Need to Win

Need an edge in fantasy football? We've tried out all the top analytics and handicapping sites out there to find the best fantasy football cheat sheets and more.
Updated December 2, 2021

Fantasy football isn’t about the sport. It’s not even really about the game. It’s specific scenarios and unlucky lineup picks and bad drafts and sometimes it’s unbearable. But other times it can be glorious. That glory doesn't come easy — and sometimes, it's unattainable without a bit of help. For this Top 5, we’ve curated a list of the top five fantasy sports cheat sheet websites you need to keep on retainer so you can win big. (If not this year, then next year. There's always next year.)

Be an Elite Player

fantasy football cheat sheets

Elite Fantasy, from $149

Are you sick of your friends laughing at you for starting that one player who never gets the ball in the red zone or rides the bench most of the game? Or how about putting a player in your lineup who’s overhyped and ends up getting you zero points for the week? Elite Fantasy has your back. And your linebacker. And whoever else you’re going to play this week. (Probably not a linebacker, since very few leagues pick individual defensive players, but wordplay is wordplay. Also, why didn't we just go with running back? Or quarterback?)

This site is filled with thoroughly-researched information on all your NFL-related needs. From articles to projections to livestreams, learn which players to pick for the upcoming week, and how they rank — not just on the field, but also for your team.

Nerd Out With Us

fantasy football cheat sheets

Daily Fantasy Nerd, from $29/month

If you like digging into numbers — all the numbers — Daily Fantasy Nerd is the research site for you. Plus, after you've run the numbers and the site has helped guide you to the best players, you can export your lineups directly to sites like DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo Sports. You can create up to 50,000 bankroll entries on Daily Fantasy Nerd.

Look Back Stat It

fantasy football cheat sheets

StatShark, $49/month

StatShark is a popular go-to site for sports analytics. Which, ya know, can make or break your weekly wins. StatShark provides insight into your players and teams. Additionally, it processes tens of thousands of combinations that help make for your best lineup. Utilizing quantitative analytics, StatShark curates and calculates probabilities so you can go into a new week without worrying whether you’d win. 

Sports Are (Beer)Life

fantasy football cheat sheets

BeerLife Sports, $50/month

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the most knowledgeable person in your fantasy league? You could become a self-proclaimed oracle — with the help of BeerLife Sports. BeerLife Sports sends texts right to your phone in real time, which is key for last-minute lineup tinkering. BeerLife is made up of the best betting analysts, modelers, predictors, and handicappers to make sure you get the most accurate information for your next matchup.

The Best Is Bet to Come

fantasy football cheat sheets

The Best Bet on Sports, $500/first month trial

Studying and analyzing football just to find an edge when placing bets on games is like a science. But not everyone has the capability to do it. So what do you do if you want to get ahead in your league but don’t have the skillset to do so? The Best Bet on Sports uses expert handicappers that will ensure a winning season. This is among the priciest fantasy cheat sheet sites out there, but The Best Bet on Sports has gone 16 straight years without a losing season — so the cost just might be worth it.