Top 5 Grow Tents for Growing Hydroponics in a Small, Safe Space

Ready to grow your own legal marijuana at home? You'll need a good grow tent to make that happen. Here are our top pics.
Updated October 22, 2021

These days you don’t need a green thumb to get far in the hydroponic community. In fact, the only green you need is some homegrown... well, you know. And a little bit of patience for it to grow. For this Dealspotr Top 5, we’re showing you the best grow tent companies that will help you with your indoor marijuana growing journey. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of our research labor before you embark on your own growing journey. ’Cause, ya know, weed like to help. Get it? That wordplay was smoking.

A Grow Tent That’s Aces

grow tents hydroponics

Grow Ace, starting at $160

When you begin indoor growing, you need to make sure you pick a grow tent that’s in it for the long haul. Grow Ace gets that. With a heavy-duty exterior made from 210D oxford cloth (that's a good thing), Grow Ace tents are designed with highly-reflective film to ensure plants receive 360-degree coverage from the grow light system. Grow Ace also sells grow room glasses and gloves, reflective material, pesticides, testers, sprayers, pots, and water treatment units. 

¡Viva Vivo!

grow tents hydroponics

Vivosun, starting at $309

Build your own hydroponic growing system and cultivate your cannabis from the comfort of your own home with Vivosun. Vivosun’s grow tents allow you to monitor the humidity, temperature, lights, and everything in between when it comes to the growth of your plants. Their grow tent kits include the tent, lights, protective glasses, ventilator fans, a carbon filter, and a timer to keep you on track with your plants’ growing process.

Be a Grower, Not a Shower

grow tents hydroponics

Supercloset, starting at $980

Famous for its discreet look, Supercloset grow tents allow you to maximize your yield without taking over your space. The Supercloset grow box is the most compact seed-to-harvest tent in the game. The boxes come equipped with LED lights that increase growing height, give off less heat, and provide larger, high-quality yields.

Live the High…dro Life

grow tents hydroponics

Happy Hydro, starting at $95

Grow tents shouldn’t take over your living quarters. And growing flower shouldn’t eat away at your bank account, either. Happy Hydro knows that. Their all-in-one grow tents won’t break the bank or take up too much space in your place. Whatever tent you need for the space you have, Happy Hydro will have it. From tents to beginner kits to watering systems, Happy Hydro has got everything you need to grow your own ganja. 

Ganja Have a Good Time

grow tents hydroponics

Dealzer Hydroponics, starting at $795

Here’s the Dealzer… er… we mean deal… Dealer Hydroponics has more than 20,000 grow boxes and hydroponic products you need to grow your weed. From LED grow lights to soil to tent shells to how-to books, Dealzer wants you to do what you do best: cultivate your own cannabis. Dealzer is located in Kentucky, but you can get all your weed needs on their site.