Weekly Top 5: Modern Solutions to Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Five products that take a '20s approach to curbing hair loss or regrowing the hair that's already departed.
Updated August 13, 2021

Unhand that toupee! Hair loss isn't a new problem — not by any means. But there are new solutions. In this week's Dealspotr top five, we're taking a look at products that can help you if you want to regrow your hair (or stop it from taking a one-way trip to a farm somewhere upstate). Check 'em out...

1. Playing for Keeps

hair loss products

Try Keeps, from $29/3 mo

Finding a hair loss product isn’t always as easy as picking a box off the shelf at your local drug store. Because you’re a unique dude, your plan to stop your hair loss should be too. With Keeps, you'll have a free online consultation with a licensed doctor, after which you can pick an FDA-approved treatment plan that’s right for you. Every three months your treatment will arrive at your door. Men have seen results in as little as four to six months. 

2. Not Your Average Ball Cap 

hair loss products

Try the Kiierr Laser Cap System, from $595

Have you been hiding your hair loss with the biggest hat you can find — but wearing a 10-gallon cowboy hat or Abraham Lincoln top hat is getting too awkward? How about this: Wearing a hat that covers up your hair and helps it grow back? The Kiierr Laser Cap is designed for people who are suffering from early-to-medium symptoms of hair loss. Wear this hat for 30 minutes every other day (don’t worry, it turns off automatically after the 30 minutes are up) and start seeing results from four to 12 months.

3. The Natural Approach

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Try MamaEarth, from $5

Hair loss is a natural thing among both men and women. So shouldn’t the regrowth process be all natural too? That’s what MamaEarth thinks, anyway. MamaEarth produces natural and toxin-free skin care and hair products to bring you back to where you want to be, whether it’s with a full head of hair or acne-free. (But why not both?)

4. Hair Loss, Formulated

hair loss products

Try Nutrafol, from $79/mo

Hair loss doesn’t just happen as you age. A lot of women actually lose their hair when they have children. Not, ’cause, like, the kids make you want to pull your hair out, but because of falling estrogen levels in the months following your baby’s birth. Nutrafol understands this, and wants to help. They sell "bio-specific" supplements to help with hair loss and growth. Also, their products aren't just for postpartum women; Nutrafol offers solutions for all men and women in need.

5. Headbands for Hair Growth

hair loss products

Try the HairMax, $799

Ever wanted to wear a headband, but didn’t have the hair to do it? This isn't exactly a headband you can wear out in public — it's gigantic and science fiction-y — but it is one that could, perhaps, help you get to the point where you're wearing traditional headbands one day. The HairMax Laser Band 82 helps grow your hair back with "therapeutic light energy" in as little as six months with treatments of 90 seconds every three days.