Top 5 Investing Websites Where You Can Invest in Your Hobbies

Sure, you could invest in the stock market or cryptocurrency. But wouldn't it be more fun to invest in your hobbies, like wine, baseball cards, or video games? There are lots of new apps that facilitate just that.
Updated December 1, 2021

It’s time to invest. No, not in the stock market. That’s so mainstream. And at Dealspotr, we believe that if you’re not investing in something you love, then it’s not worth investing in. Which is why in this Top 5, we’re showing you the top sites that give you the chance to invest in your hobbies and interests. 

Fine Like Wine

investment websites hobbies


The future of wine investing is at Vint. Yeah, you read that right. Wine investing. Vint is a place where people can come together to buy shares of fine wines and spirits. This company got its start in 2019, and their first offering came out in early 2021; now, you can own shares of Vint starting at $25. The company sources top-tier investment grade wines with the help of Vint’s expert advisory board — who will handle the sale of the assets down the road, and get you the returns you deserve.

An Artful Investment

investment websites hobbies


It would be great to invest in a piece of art from one of the masters and hang it on your wall, but if you don't have a large fortune in the bank, that might be out of reach. Masterworks lets you invest in art without having to quickly become a billionaire first. This investing company gives you the opportunity to represent investment in your favorite pieces — without breaking the bank. Masterworks is the first investment company of its kind that allows you build a diverse portfolio full of Warhols and Banksys and every artist in between.

R(e)ally Awesome Collectibles

investment websites hobbies


Love collecting things, but don’t have the space to do so? Then you’re going to love Rally. Rally sources and acquires unique and noteworthy memorabilia and more from collections all over the world. From there, investors can purchase and share items that build their portfolios. And after 90 days, you have the chance to sell your shares in the Rally app or add to their position on trading days. Collections include books, art, comics and cards.

For the Gamer

investment websites hobbies


Investing is easy, and with Republic it’s free to start browsing around for what you want to put your money in. From startups to real estate to crypto to (our personal favorite) video games, you have the chance to invest in things that matter to you. Start investing in video games at just $10 and build your portfolio from there. Pick from Indies or sequels or classics or originals. The choice is yours, and soon a piece of the video games could be too.

Close to the Chest

investment websites hobbies


Alt is more than an investment company. It’s a place where you can reconnect with your childhood, where you can remember what you loved about sports and the collectible cards that came with your favorite teams and players. Alt is a trading platform that specializes in trading card investments. At Alt, you can buy, sell, and manage your investments, earning instant payouts. This company knows that sports cards increase in value as the players move up the ranks. So why shouldn’t you invest in your favorite team, player, or sport?