Top 5 Low-Cost Online Pharmacies to Save Money and Get Your Prescriptions Delivered

Online pharmacies are a great way to save both time and money. Get lower cost prescriptions delivered right to you, no drive to the pharmacy required. Here are our picks for the five best.
Updated December 1, 2021

You know a business is onto something when they save you time and money, and that's exactly what we've got for you today. A new wave of online pharmacies offer low-priced prescriptions delivered right to you — no trips to the pharmacy, long lines, or "your prescription should be ready in 20 minutes" required. Plus, some of them even offer telemedicine services as well, taking care of even more of your healthcare needs in one convenient place.

For this Dealspotr Top 5, we’re playing doctor — er, pharmacist. Here are the top five online pharmacies to help you save on your prescriptions without ever getting up off the couch.

A Deal As Sweet As Honey

online pharmacies prescriptions delivered


Don’t let high copays, long lines and insurance differences stop you from getting the treatment you need. Honeybee Health is an online pharmacy that helps you get the meds you need when you need them. Plus, this is a new type of online pharmacy that doesn’t require insurance. At Honeybee, you can shop by manufacturers, health conditions, or medications. 

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

online pharmacies prescriptions delivered

Blink Health

Get your meds delivered to you in the blink of an eye with Blink Health. This online pharmacy is fast, free, and accepts most insurances. Blink allows you to decide whether you want your meds delivered to your door. If not, you can pick them up from one of the 35,000 pharmacies they’ve partnered with in order to make sure you’re sticking to your medication schedule. 

Open Sesame

online pharmacies prescriptions delivered

Sesame Care

Sesame Care is more than an online pharmacy. It’s a physician’s hub. A place where you can find a doctor for any number of needs, from mental health to wellness and prevention to skincare to dental care. And of course you can also just get your prescriptions refilled too. Sesame’s telehealth visits allow you to get the best price for your meds without having to leave your house.

You’re the Only Pharm I See

online pharmacies prescriptions delivered

Amazon Pharmacy 

Choose between getting your meds through insurance or Prime. Yeah, like Amazon Prime. Amazon Pharmacy delivers meds to you within two days if you’re a Prime member. You also have the opportunity to save up to 80% on your medications with your prime membership — no insurance necessary. You can access your meds, order history and prescription details on the Amazon app, and track your deliveries in real time. 

Take This Capsule 

online pharmacies prescriptions delivered


The days of waiting for your prescriptions are over. With Capsule online pharmacy, you can get your prescriptions within the day. Sign up for Capsule, let them coordinate with your doctor or current pharmacist about getting your scripts filled, and sit back and relax until they’re ready to organize a time for your meds to be delivered (at no extra cost). All you have to do is cover your insurance co-pay.