Top 5 Payroll Software Options for Small and Medium Businesses (2021)

Looking for the right software to handle your payroll, benefits, and more? These five payroll SaaS options are great options for small- to medium-sized businesses everywhere.
Updated October 8, 2021

Running a small- to medium-sized business is no small- to- medium-sized feat. It’s an incredibly complex process with tons of moving parts. So this week, we’re going to try to make at least one of those parts easier. For this week’s Dealspotr top five, we studied up on the world of payroll SaaS to find the best options out there.  After all, you’re already doing so much, why not let the machines handle how and when your employees are going to get paid? 

Gusto - best payroll software for autopilot paymentspayroll software smb

Gusto, $39/month + $6/employee

Gusto offers a full-service payroll across all 50 states. But what sets this software apart from the rest is its autopilot payment feature with a two-day turnaround for direct deposit. The autopilot payment feature runs itself, so you don’t have to worry about paying your employees biweekly. And if your business utilizes freelancers, Gusto offers unlimited contractor payments as well as form 1099 creation and filings.

Zenefits - best payroll software for benefits administrationpayroll software smb

Zenefits, $10/month + $6/employee

If you’re looking for a payroll software that’s got a user-friendly design that keeps track of your employees’ benefits, Zenefits may be right up your business’ alley. Zenefits provides comprehensive benefits administration functionality that gives you insight into how much your benefits are costing, plus how many employees are enrolled in each benefit that you provide, such as medical and dental. You can also design your own benefits package if you don’t want to use what Zenefits already offers. 

Remote - best payroll software for international employees

payroll software smb

Remote, $349/month

Not all payroll software works outside the continental United States. And in a world where remote work has become so common, you just might need payroll software that works remotely too? Remote does. Grow your team at a global level with this easy-to-use interface for managing everything from compliance to documentation.

Patriot - best payroll software on a budget

payroll software smb

Patriot, $10/month + $4/employee

Bookkeeping is not cheap. And making sure your employees get compensated shouldn’t break the bank. Patriot offers some of the lowest monthly rates and lowest rates-per-person in the industry. Patriot is mobile friendly, allows for multiple pay rates, and is designed to grow with your company.

OnPay - best payroll software for a growing businesspayroll software smb

OnPay, $36/month + $4/employee

With an easy-to-use interface and dashboard, OnPay is a strong payroll software option for small businesses that have growth in mind. OnPay gives you the flexibility to run payroll as often as you like and to choose between multiple payment types and schedules. It lets you pay by direct deposit, debit card, or check; there are no extra fees for selecting any of those options. As your company grows, your OnPay account grows with it