Top 5 Pre Made Smoothies for All of Us Too Busy to Make Smoothies the Regular Way

Prepping, blending, and cleaning up after making smoothies at home takes a lot of time. Here are five great ready-to-blend pre-made smoothies to save you all that time with your at-home smoothie needs.
Updated December 7, 2021

If you’ve ever made a smoothie, you know how time consuming it can be. From the prepping to the making to the cleaning up, smoothie making is not a task for the faint of heart or the busy of schedule. As easy-to-make and ready-to-blend smoothies rise the ranks of popularity, Dealspotr is here to share the top pre-made smoothies on the market. These companies will be sure to put the ease in smoothies. (At least phonetically. We didn't want to spell it "smoothease" for the sake of the bit.)

I Like What I Acai

pre made smoothies

SAMBAZON, $3/bowl

Acai îs all the rage. The smoothie bowl craze is making a name for itself, and here, that name is SAMBAZON. All of SAMBAZON’s products are ethically sourced and hand harvested, making this superfood super good for the environment as well. SAMBAZON sells smoothie bowls, superfruit packs, energy drinks, frozen desserts, and fresh juices. And the best part? You can get it wherever groceries are sold, or order your favorite acai products on their site.

The Milkshake of Smoothies

pre made smoothies

Bumpin Blends, $88/seven smoothies

Bumpin Blends doesn’t just mix together fruits and liquids to create a smoothie. It also takes into account how you’re feeling. Whether you’re anxious or nauseous or looking to grow your hair and nails, you can find a Bumpin Blends smoothie that matches your needs. Bumpin Blends smoothies are frozen smoothie cubes that come in 23 delicious flavors (think thin mint, pumpkin pie, PB&J, and cookie dough). Before picking your flavors, fill out the benefits you want to receive from your smoothie so it can work with you — while also tasting like a healthy milkshake.

Keto Load of These Smoothies

pre made smoothies

Blendtopia, $59/eight smoothies

Just because you’re doing keto, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. And if it were up to us, the best way to treat yourself is with a Blendtopia keto-friendly smoothie. Blendtopia smoothies are low in carb but high in flavor. Even if you aren’t doing keto, Blendtopia has smoothies for immunity, strength, energy, and detox. There’s something for everyone’s diet restrictions here.

The Amazon of Smoothie Brands

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SmoothieBox, $119/20 smoothie packs

Smoothie delivery services like SmoothieBox help make the world go round. Oh yeah, and help those who are always on the go. Choose from five flavors to have delivered to your door. SmoothieBox also offers a green detox box and a chocolate lovers box for the eater who loves a good routine.

Shake It Off

pre made smoothies

Kencko, $59/20 smoothies

Busy people deserve smoothie time too, ya know! Which is why Kencko is our fifth and final pick for the top premixed smoothies on this Dealspotr list. Kencko provides all your daily fruit and veggie needs in a powdered form. And the best part about this pre-made smoothie? You don’t need a blender. Simply pour the powder in your liquid of choice, stir, shake, or mix the contents, and voila! A delicious smoothie made with organic produce is in your bottle.