500+ Online and IRL Side Hustles to Score You Some Extra Cash

Over 500 side hustles, gigs, and jobs to supplement your income or flesh out your freelance career.
Emily Helwig
Updated October 4, 2021

The economy today looks much different than in decades past. More and more people are opting out of the 9 to 5 life and picking up freelance work, working multiple different jobs, or supplementing their career income with side hustles. According to Bankrate, an incredible 44 million Americans have a side hustle, including 28 percent of younger millennials ages 18-26. Baby boomers are also getting in on the action, with younger boomers ages 53-62 the most likely to earn $1,000 per month from their side hustles.

So, what are your goals? Do you want to have greater work flexibility? Do you want to make some extra cash to pay your bills and subsidize your wild nights out? Or, do you want to find ways to make a lot of money with very little additional effort?

Whatever the case may be, we’ve put together the ultimate resource on side hustles. Here’s what you’ll get in this guide:

  • Hundreds of ideas for earning extra income with a side hustle

  • Links to hundreds of websites that can get you started earning more money

  • Advice on where to search for work and where to advertise your services.

Let’s jump in!

Online opportunities

Freelance writing

Online outlets and businesses always have a need for people with solid writing skills. If you have an idea for an article that you’d like to see on one of your favorite website that shares news, essays, or op-eds (think Slate, Huffington Post, or VICE), check out their submissions page to see if they take pitches from freelance writers. Many sites will pay a decent fee for your work and the more bylines you get, the more money you can ask for.

You can also check out the following job boards to find freelance writing positions and gigs:

  • Freelance Writing Gigs. Hosts freelance writing job postings collected from a bunch of different sites including Indeed, Craigslist, and more. Sends out daily emails with job postings as well.

  • Media Bistro. Offers a job board as well as career classes and other resources for writers.

  • ProBlogger. A regularly updated listing of freelance blogging jobs.

  • Blogging Pro. Another site with blogging job postings.

  • Ed 2010. Register to get job listings and access to career advice, mentoring, and resume makeovers.

  • Compose.ly. Apply to be a writer and they’ll send you jobs from their customers that are a good fit for you.

  • WriteZillas. Academic and business writers can apply to write for them and get linked up with writing jobs that pay up to $15 per page.

  • Writer Bay. People with at least a bachelor’s degree can apply to be a writer. You choose jobs you want to apply for from their control panel and then complete them by the deadline to earn cash.

Video game creator economies

It took a few decades, but you can now make real money from your video game playing. There are lots of ways to make money with Roblox, including developing and selling games, creating UGC, or working as a freelancer to help people on their games. The rise in NFT-based games like CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity open up new doors for collecting and selling assets. And there's lots of movement in this growing space, so if you like video games and spend a lot of your time playing them — think about how you might turn that into a side hustle or career.


You can also start your own blog as a way to earn money. Of course, you won’t make any extra just from blogging alone. Try these strategies to start earning cash from your own blog:

  • Sponsored posts. Get a company to pay you to write a blog post about their product. Check out these sites to get started:

  • Sponsored Reviews. Connects bloggers with marketers to make sponsored posts to generate buzz.

  • blogExpose. Sign up for free, create a profile, and get connected with sponsored blog post gigs.

  • Get Reviewed. Sign up for free, submit your blog for review, and once approved you can apply for jobs and advertisers can find you for work.

  • SeedingUp. Influencers can sign up for free and advertisers can request posts from you which you can refuse or accept and get paid for completing.

  • PayPerPost. Connects brands and creators for paid posts.

  • LinkFromBlog. Sign up for free, register your blog, and get paid to write reviews.

  • Blogsvertise. Register for free and get linked with work that you self-select or that they assign you. You can turn jobs down. Many ways to monetize including pay-per-click or pay-per-sale models.

  • BrandBacker. Sign up to get weekly opportunities for free samples, paid posts, discounts, and more.

  • Cooperatize. Travel influencers apply by sharing blog and social media readership details. Get linked with sponsored review gigs as well as exclusive invites to events and media trips.

Affiliate links

Sign up with a site like Amazon or Linqia. When you include links to certain products in your blog, you’ll get a payout each time someone purchases that product from your link. You can also include affiliate links in emails to your subscribers (we recommend checking out Mailchimp or ConvertKit). 

Guest posts

Once your blog is successful, you can charge people to publish guest posts on your site. Guest posters pay for exposure and you can also charge them for linkbacks to their website or business page.

E-books and self-publishing

Write and publish a book online, and you’ll earn royalties for each book that gets purchased. These sites will help you publish:

  • Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Self-publish your book and get it up in 24-48 hours. You retain the rights, set the list price, and retain 70% of royalties.

  • Smashwords. Self-publish for free and get your book listed on many major e-book websites. You can get up to 60% royalties on external sites and 80% when your book sells on Smashwords.

  • Lulu.com. Allows you to self-publish an e-book or choose a print distribution model. You’ll earn about 50% of the royalties when you sell on Lulu and small percent on Amazon.

  • Book Baby. Offers print and e-book packages as well as services to launch your book. Distributes in most major e-book stores, and you can earn up to 70% in royalties.

  • Blurb. Helps you create, print, and distribute print books. Get 20% off your first book when you sign up for their mailing list.

  • NOOK Press. Barnes and Noble’s free, easy e-book tool that you can link with print distribution. Earn up to 65% royalties when you sell on BN.com. Exclusivity is not required.

  • eBookIt. Starting at $99 for formatting, converting, distribution, and promotion. Distributes to most major e-book retailers. They take 15% after the distributor’s cut.

  • Brand ambassador. Connect with companies you care about and get paid to write about and promote their products regularly.


On platforms like YouTube, Twitch, DailyMotion, and others, you can post videos of yourself going about your day, playing video games, or talking about your opinions. Here’s how to make money from it:

Sponsored posts

This may require you to reach out to businesses you are invested in to ask if they’d like to work with you as a content creator. However, you can also find opportunities on these sites:

  • Content BLVD. Connects YouTubers and marketers. YouTubers are not paid to feature products, but are offered products in exchange for making editorial content.

  • Dealspotr. Platform where YouTubers and bloggers can browse through paid sponsorship opportunities with brands, and get paid upfront upon completing content.

  • Famebit. Connects prominent YouTubers with paid sponsorship opportunities.

  • Grapevine. For verified YouTubers and Instagrammers with over 10,000 followers. Once you’re registered you’ll get access to job opportunities. You pick the ones you’re interested in and pitch ideas to the brand.

Brand ambassador

Again, get linked with a brand you like and earn money for promoting their products regularly.


Sites like YouTube and Twitch have programs where you receive a share of the revenue for each view you get. Get even more perks by becoming a YouTube partner or Twitch partner.

Share referral codes

If you have a referral code for an app or website, encourage your viewers to use your code to join. You’ll get perks with those apps and sometimes even some cash as well.

You can also try creating your own products such as merchandise or books.

Social media

You’re already on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook all day. Why not make some money off of it? Here’s how:

Become an influencer

If you have a big enough following, you can reach out to brands or they may reach out to you to promote their products. SocialToaster is a great place to find these opportunities.

Manage an account

Businesses are always looking for talented social media users to manage their accounts, which can be as simple as making a few posts a day.

Get paid to post

Check out Social Wage to get linked up with advertisers.


If you have a popular blog, vlog, or social media profile, or if you’re a talented artist, you can sign up for different services that allow fans to pay a monthly fee to subscribe to exclusive content or to tip you for content they like. Use these sites to get started:

  • Patreon. Allows creators to run subscription-based membership programs to fund their content. You retain full control, own your content, and keep 90% of your revenue.

  • Only Fans. Allows creators to post video and photo content for fans who pay a subscription. Fans can also tip and you can send paid messages and do livestream sessions. You keep 80% of the subscription fees.

  • Maker Support. A crowdfunding site specifically for creators. You keep 90% of the pledges.

  • Podia. Pay a set monthly rate to post content, offer online courses, and membership subscriptions for your fans. No transaction fees. Offers a free 30-day trial to get you started.

  • Ko-Fi. A site where supporters can “buy a cup of coffee” (paid in cash) for their favorite creators. Ko-Fi pages and buttons are free for creators and you keep all the money you earn.

  • Tipeee. Connects creators with tippers who can send one-time or ongoing payments to encourage content creators to keep making stuff. Once your content is approved, you can start earning. Tipeee takes an 8% commission.

  • Memberful. Offers a free program with a 10% transaction fee or lower transactions for a monthly fee. Creators can develop subscription-based model for their content that syncs with WordPress, Stripe, and MailChimp.


There are tons of different freelance opportunities available for you that you can do from home (pants optional). They range from entry-level to senior level positions and may or may not require a certain skill set. These sites can connect you with gigs:

  • Upwork. Sign up to search their job boards and bid on freelance projects.

  • Fiverr. As a Fiverr seller, you can post your services and get orders from people interested in them.

  • Guru. Sign up as a freelancer and submit quotes to open jobs posted on the site.

  • People Per Hour. Create a profile, search for jobs, and submit proposals. Has a leaderboard for high earners, 0% commission on clients you bring to the site, and advice on how to boost sales.

  • Toptal. Apply to be in their exclusive, top-tier freelancers programs for software development, design, and finance.

  • Freelancer.com. Search for freelance gigs for a variety of job categories.

  • 99 Designs. Designers can sign up to create a profile then search and accept design jobs.

  • College Recruiter. Offers part-time, seasonal, and freelance jobs for college students.

  • iFreelance. Plans start at $7 per month and there’s no commission. Bid on hundreds of available projects.

  • Mechanical Turk. Offers tons of easy human intelligence tasks that you can get paid for.

  • Clickworker. Has surveys, tasks, and data entry jobs for internet users.

  • Doctor on Demand. Doctors can provide freelance, remote services and advice to patients.

  • Wonolo. Connects you with immediate hourly or same-day jobs.

  • Thumbtack. Choose a service and sign up for a free profile to advertise.

  • Crowdflower. Perform simple human intelligence tasks to earn cash.

Remote work / virtual assistant gigs

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more ongoing remote work, you can check out these sites to find your dream side hustle:

  • Flex Jobs. A job board where you can seek out freelance, contract, and remote jobs.

  • Working Nomads. A job board offering positions to remote and traveling contractors.

  • We Work Remotely. Another job board for people looking to work remotely.

  • Skip the Drive. A job board for remote and work from home positions.

  • Virtual Vocations. A job board for remote workers that also offers telecommuting e-courses and a list of telecommuting-friendly companies.

  • Remotive. A community forum, email list and job board serving over 25,000 remote workers.

  • Remote.co. A job board and online resource for remote workers.

  • Indeed. A job board that offers postings for jobs across the spectrum including freelance work. Sign up for and fill out their free profile with your resume and both apply for jobs and receive offers.

  • Outsourcely. A job board where startups can connect with long-term remote contract workers.

  • Jobspresso. A remote job board where you can view job openings and post a resume to get contacted by prospective employers.

  • Snag a Job. A job board where you can connect with hourly job opportunities.

You have a lot of different options when it comes to freelancing online and working remotely. These are some popular online freelance and remote jobs that you can do on the side and where you can find them:

Transcription/Closed Captioning


Data Entry


Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

Of course, you can also advertise the particular services that you provide yourself instead of looking for work on job forums. These websites are great for getting the word out about your skills and services:

  • Tispr. A site where you can make a business profile for free or for a low-monthly cost to advertise your services and grow your business.

  • Craigslist. Check out the services section of Craigslist to make free posts advertising the services you offer.

  • Facebook. Consider creating a business page or joining groups that connect freelancers with clients and vice versa.

Teach on or offline

Offer online courses

Got a great idea for a course that you think people would like to buy? Consider putting it on one of these websites:

Teach ESL

All you need to know to teach English as a Second Language is, well, English! These are a few sites that offer remote opportunities to help kids and adults overseas learn the English language:


If you have knowledge in a given subject or subjects, try these sites for tutoring jobs:

Adjunct professor

If you have an advanced degree, you can make some extra money teaching courses at colleges and universities or online. Find those jobs here:

Testing products and online surveys

Watch videos and play games on these sites to earn cash and points:

User testing

Startups and companies are always looking for people to test out their websites and apps. Find them on these sites:

Product testing

Did you know there are several companies that will offer you free products to test out in exchange for your opinion? You may not always get to keep the items, but you’ll be able to use them for a period of time and may get perks for your labor. These sites will get you connected with free products to test:

Survey sites

There are also tons of websites that offer cash, gift cards, or discount codes just for filling out surveys. Check these out:

Research Studies

It’s always smart to check in with your local college or university to see if they have paid research studies available in their medical school or their psychology department. Plus, these websites can get you linked up with paid studies IRL or online:

Cashback sites and apps

Several websites have popped up over the years that offer you cashback when you make purchases from their preferred retailers. Get signed up with these sites, and you can start earning huge discounts on your purchases, receive cash back on the things you buy, and get bonuses for referring your friends:


Many companies rely on their valued customers to put the word out and attract new business. So much so that some will even pay you for each friend you refer. Here are some sites that offer cash, store credit, or discounts for referrals:

Online businesses

Do you have a product that you think other people would want? Do you love finding discarded used and antique items that you can sell for a profit? These are a few ideas that can help you grow into a full-blown online business:

Create your own e-Commerce site or store

Have a knack for creativity? A crafty idea that you can produce en masse? Set up shop on these websites and get started selling your goods:


As a dropshipper, you don’t need to have any product or inventory of your own. Instead, you take orders from customers, then have a third-party ship the products directly to your customer.

You keep whatever money you make over the retail cost of the item and the system is mostly automated meaning very little work for you. Take a look at these websites to get your dropshipping business off the ground:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers connect with businesses, market their products, and earn a commission for each sale made. It’s similar to drop shipping, but you’re connected directly with businesses and it requires a little less legwork. Sounds pretty sweet, huh? Here’s some resources to get you started:


Design your own tees and get money on each one sold from these websites:

Sell things in person

Oh yeah! Selling things in the real world is still a thing, too! Find out if any of these exist in your area and get started selling:

Offer creative services

Graphic design

If you’ve got graphic design chops, check out these websites for one-time or ongoing gigs:


If you’ve got a special skill set and/or a lot of experience in a particular field such as law, medicine, business, or anything else, it’s likely there’s someone out there who would be willing to pay for your advice and wisdom. You can advertise your services or visit these sites to connect with consulting gigs:

  • Experteer. A highly-personalized career service where top-level executives can find work including consulting jobs.

  • Moonlighting. A website with a mobile on-demand marketplace and no commission fees that allows you to create your own business marketing site to market your services including consulting.

  • Accenture. Connects businesses with consulting experts in a range of industries.

IRL gigs and services

Task Websites

If you’re looking for quick side gigs, you have a few different online options that can connect you with work. Check out these sites to get started:

  • Craigslist. Check out the gigs section for one-off jobs and ongoing gigs.

  • TaskRabbit. Become a Tasker and you can set your rates and choose to take on gigs that fit with your schedule.

  • TAKL. Register to become a provider and you can be chosen for or bid for fixed-price chore opportunities in your area.

  • Bellhops. A site and app for people over 18 who can lift more than 100 pounds to get connected with moving jobs. Earn up to $21/hr with the chance to grow into leadership roles.

  • Dolly. Make $15/hr offering a helping hand or $30/hr if you own a truck for moving. Allows you to work on your own schedule.

  • Schlep. Offers scheduled or on-demand moving jobs on your schedule. Earn up to $1,000 per week.

  • GigWalk. Connects you with short gigs or work that may take a few hours. It’s all on your schedule and pay is done quickly through PayPal.

Cleaning services

If you’re good at cleaning and organizing, these sites can help you advertise your services and connect with cleaning jobs:

Car wash

See if you can host a car washing event or ask your neighbors, friends, and family if they need someone to wash their car. All you need is cleaning products and a hose to get the job done. And, if you’re a little more experienced, these sites will help you find on-demand, mobile car washing and detailing gigs:

Dog walking and pet sitting

It’s likely that there’s a local pet care service that you could connect with for part-time and occasional work. However, if you can’t find one of those businesses, check out these apps and websites for flexible part-time work and gigs taking care of our furry friends:

Elderly care

If you enjoy spending time with seniors, these sites can connect you with elderly care gigs:


And, of course there are lots of cute little kiddos in the world who need taking care of (and parents who need a night off). Ask around or post flyers in your neighborhood to find work, or connect with any of these websites to find job listings and potential clients:


A few sites have popped up over the years that allow you to be paid for your time, your companionship, and in some cases, your cuddles. If you’re a people person, check these out:

Lawn mowing and yard work

Talk to your neighbors and see if they need someone to mow their lawn or take care of yard work. Otherwise, check out these apps for lawn care gigs:

Painting homes

Grab a few supplies including a few rollers, paint brushes, painter’s tape, and the right colors, and you can make some extra cash painting rooms in people’s homes. Check out Paintzen if you’re in NYC or Painters On Demand in the Southeast.

Handyman jobs

Are you a jack-of-all-trades? Good with construction, plumbing, or home and other repairs? There’s definitely someone out there looking to pay for your skill set. Here’s some sites to get you started:

Tech Jobs

Technology has changed so much over the last few decades that it’s almost hard to keep up. If you have experience in repairing devices, coding, developing, or doing other tech-based work, these are some great sites and even better ideas for making money for your talent:

Tech is one of the fastest growing industries out there. Plenty of online and in-person programs have popped up over the last few years to teach people everything from coding to developing to UX design, so check out these programs if you want to learn the skills you need to make tech your side hustle:

Rideshare Services

Thanks to the invention of apps, driving for a rideshare is now an easy way to make extra money if you have a car. Plus, you can work entirely on your own schedule when you want to. Some apps are only available in select cities, so make sure you check to see if you can use them in your area.

Many of these services also offer signing bonuses and cash for referring other drivers, so do some research when you sign up to see if you can get those offers. These services are some of the best places to get your rideshare business off the ground:

Delivery Services

If you prefer shuttling things over people, consider looking for a delivery job with one of your favorite local restaurants or newspapers. Some delivery jobs can even be done on foot or on bicycle if you don’t have access to a car. Check out these apps that you can use to pick up delivery gigs:


Catering is a great way to make extra cash on your schedule. Get signed up with a catering company and pick up shifts when you’re free, or check out these sites that can help connect you with gigs:

Customer and Food Service

Many businesses are looking for people who can take on part-time and as needed work. Whether you’re a cashier, a barista, a server, or something else entirely, these sites and businesses can help you find a little extra work to round out your income:

Personal training

You’ll need a personal training certificate to get your business off the ground, but once you have one you can definitely make this work as an online program helper or in-person training gig. These apps will link you with eager exercisers:

Music and DJing

Wipe the dust off your guitar, and get the band back together! There are always local bars and music venues looking for talented musicians. If instruments aren’t your thing, DJing is also a  good option for picking up a little extra cash playing all your favorite club bangers. These sites can help you find gigs:

And, if you’ve got a good following, you can sell your recorded music on iTunes or Bandcamp to get some extra cash.

Become a tour guide

If you know your neighborhood well, you can offer to show tourists around in exchange for cash or get connected with a local tour company for part-time work. Connect with visitors on these sites:

Become an extra

These sites will get you hooked up with gigs as an extra. If you get enough of the right jobs you can also become a SAG-AFTRA union member which will get you better pay and more perks.

Notary Public Service

You can very easily become a notary public servant by taking an exam. Once you’ve passed, you can offer services to notarize public documents and perform other tasks as an appointed impartial witness. Check out Nationalnotary.org to get started.

Passive Income

Did you know there are tons of ways to make money for doing almost nothing? These ideas for generating passive income will help you earn extra cash while you do your day job (or while you sleep for that matter).

Rent out your house

Whether you’ve got a spare room to rent or an entire house, these websites can connect you with renters. Post availability on your own schedule and start making extra cash just for sharing your space on these sites:

Rent out your equipment

Rent out equipment you’re not using on these sites:

Rent out your driveway, yard, or garage

If you’ve got a spot available for someone to park their car or store their stuff, or if you’ve got an outdoor space people might like to use, these apps can connect you with opportunities for cash:

Rent out your cars and other vehicles

If you’ve got a car or other vehicle, these apps can help you find people to rent it out to when you’re not using it:


If you’ve got extra cash sitting around or just barely earning interest in a savings account, think about creative ways to invest and earn more on the cash that you already have. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending

P2P lenders are private individuals who connect with other individuals and businesses to offer loans. They can decide their own interest rates and choose which clients to take on, often earning up to 10 percent interest on their investment. These sites can help facilitate your P2P business:


In the last few years, several cyrptocurrencies have popped up offering investors a global, decentralized alternative to government-issued money. Cyrptocurrency uses blockchain technology to track where money has been transferred and cryptography to keep transactions secure.

As new currencies have popped up, investors have begun trading currencies, betting on the future success of the most promising cryptocurrencies. You can invest in some of these currencies:

Or check out these sites if you’re interested in cryptocurrency trading:

Penny Stocks

Stocks under $5 from small companies are considered penny stocks. They’re high risk and highly speculative, but require a relatively low investment meaning the rewards could be massive if the stock does well. Chase that big pay-off with these penny stock sites:

Traditional Investing

And, of course there’s also traditional investing. You can track, trade, buy, and sell on these sites and apps:

Real Estate

If you’ve got the funds for it, real estate is a great investment for earning passive (or mostly passive) income. There’s a few different approaches available to you.

House flipping

We’ve all seen the TV shows. A person buys a cheap, broken down home, renovates it, and sells it at a massive profit. If you’re handy and have some cash to spare, these sites can help you get started:

Rental properties

If you own a property or have the means to purchase one, you can rent out apartments on a monthly basis. You’ll probably need to do maintenance and upkeep on the property, but otherwise it’s just money in your pocket. Here’s where you can list a property once you have it:

Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing

Today, crowdfunding is more than just donating to your friend’s campaign online. Now you can become an investor in a real estate property by chipping in a chunk of cash. You’ll get returns on your investment over time. Check out these sites to get you started:

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income, add a new gig to your roster, or make extra cash with little effort, there’s hundreds of different side hustles available to you. And, as always, be sure to check Dealspotr regularly for more incredible discounts and ideas for saving (and making!) money.