Top 5 Social Media Management Apps for Influencers (or Aspiring Influencers)

Want to streamline your social media management as an influencer (or soon-to-be influencer)? These are great apps to save time, curate better content, and more.
Updated December 1, 2021

These days, if you’re not an influencer, you’re an influencee, and that just won’t do. For this Dealspotr Top 5, we’re sharing the best social media management apps for influencers or aspiring influencers that help you keep track of what works for your growing brand. Set that selfie stick down, and let’s learn about the top management apps for your carefully curated life on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Don’t Throw Caution to the Wind with this App

social media management influencers

Tailwind, from $9.99/month

Social media influencers have the wherewithal and engagement to keep their followers, ya know, following them. But influencing is about more than having followers. It’s creating content that people interact with, share, and are influenced to buy or do based on what you’re posting. Having Tailwind at your fingertips will teach you how to market yourself. This app connects to both Pinterest and Instagram, allowing for scheduled posts, social post designs, bulk uploads, and Instagram link bio tools.

Plan for Later

social media management influencers

Later, from $8/month

Grow your Insta-brand with Later, the app that allows you to post an unlimited amount of times per social profile per month. This is the first-to-market scheduler that started with Instagram but has since grown to schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok. Later believe that social media is an experience that helps you streamline your socials in a visually pleasing manner that both boosts engagement and potential sales as your brand grows.

Plan Then Post with Postoplan

social media management influencers

Postoplan, from $19/month

Postoplan is the best app for aspiring influencers looking to try out the influencer game. You can connect any number of accounts in social networks and messengers, then upload your content and find out in advance how it looks on each platform. And it's efficient: Most Postoplan users say they’re on social media a total of four hours less per week thanks to scheduled posting.

An App As Fire As Your Posts

social media management influencers

Crowdfire, from $7.48/month

The hardest part about working on your brand and becoming an influencer is finding your own corner of the internet that resonates with people and lines up with your interests. Crowdfire helps you discover relevant topics based on what you love to help keep your followers and fans engaged. With Crowdfire you can pre-schedule your content, understand what posts work best for your following, and get an overview of every post’s performance to help you grow your brand.

Straight to the Point

social media management influencers

Post Planner, from $5/month

In the world of influencing, engagement is everything. And when it comes to social media management, Post Planner understands this assignment. Post Planner can help you shave hours off your social media planning. This app schedules posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, promising up to 510% more likes. You can automate your posts with the help of their calendar feature, and manage all your photos, videos, and gifs in an easy-to-use, organized library.