Top 5 Mocktails You Should Buy When You Need a Break from Alcohol

Want the taste or ritual of having a cocktail without all the downsides of drinking lots of alcohol? There are lots of great craft alcohol-free liquors and premixed drinks now on the market.
Updated October 27, 2021

The best part about making yourself a drink or ordering one at the bar is that first sip. It’s filled with promise and dreams. But the thing about drinking is after a while those promises and dreams start to feel more like regret and embarrassment. So in a world where non-alcoholic spirits are taking over the eCommerce market, trade in your potential mistakes for a guaranteed good time. For this Dealspotr Top 5, we’re sipping on some of the best non-alcoholic drinks in the game. Grab your favorite chaser and cocktail shaker; we’re making mocktails.

A Curious Drink, Indeed 

top 5 mocktails

Curious Elixirs, $36

The best things in life are already made for you. And when it comes to Curious Elixirs, that’s no exception. Take your pick between five pre-made, booze-free cocktails that taste just like the drinks you know. These drinks are filled with natural ingredients that are blended together to create non-alcoholic old fashioned, margaritas, Negronis and other citrusy spirits.

Hate Liars, Love Lyre’s

top 5 mocktails

Lyre’s, $36

Lyre’s takes alcohol, turns it on its heels and recreates a fresh, flavorful non-alcoholic base that gives you the taste of a drink without the repercussions. Lyre’s was made to look, taste and smell just like the real stuff, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out. The social rituals of drinking can feel claustrophobic, but with a glass of Lyre’s in your hand, you’re sure to be immune. 

Something Akin to Euphoria

top 5 mocktails

Kin Euphorics, $30

Kin is a little different from the average non-alcoholic drink. These drinks are made with 5-HTP (which elevates your serotonin levels) and Gaba (calms the nervous system). And the best part? The different drinks have Spotify links that match the vibe of the spritz. It’s a mood booster without the crash that comes with most alcoholic seltzers. 

Ghia Wiz, That’s Good

top 5 mocktails

Ghia, $33

Ghia drinks are Mediterranean inspired non-alcoholic libations that are packed with natural extracts, potent plants, herbs and botanicals. Ghia is intended to be mixed with sparkling water, good music and close friends. Ghia also sells a spritz version of its non-alcoholic spirits. They come in two flavors and are the perfect substitute for White Claw (yawn).

Three Cheers for Three Spirit

top 5 mocktails

Three Spirit, $39

Plant scientists and bartenders have come together to create something so delicious, so drinkable, so sober, it will blow you out of the water. Three Spirit drinks are designed to enhance your night from start to finish. All bottles come equipped with recipe ideas to help you create your perfect mocktail.