Top 5 Spots to Buy PowerPoint Templates to Dazzle at Your Next Work Presentation

Looking for better templates for your next PowerPoint presentation or deck? These marketplaces have wide varieties of templates to fit your needs, whether you're looking for modern, animated, and/or unique.
Updated October 21, 2021

Creating visual presentations doesn’t end when you graduate from school. They follow you into adulthood and all throughout your career. So if you’re going to be making PowerPoint presentations for the foreseeable future, shouldn’t the content you’re creating be worth seeing?

For this Dealspotr Top 5, we’ve found the best brands you need to check out before presenting at your next meeting. 

A Beautiful Design

top powerpoint templates, $12/month for Pro’s design-forward, detail-oriented, collaborative PowerPoint templates are, well, beautiful. And you don’t need to be a graphic designer to let your ideas shine in your presentations with templates. However, by the time you’re finished with your PowerPoint presentation, your colleagues, students, or teacher will probably think you’re one. Whether you opt for the free version, the pro version ($12/month), or the team version (spread the wealth with your coworkers for $38/month), you’re sure to find something that matches your personality in the workplace. templates come with unlimited slides and two million photos and icons. 

An Invitation to Use Envato

top powerpoint templates

Envato Elements, $16.50/month

What if PowerPoints had more… umph to them? We’re talking music, photos, animation, you name it, and Envato Elements has it. Envato Elements has tens of thousands of PowerPoint templates, but with your subscription, you’ll get even more: millions of photos, fonts, graphics, audio clips, and videos. You can use them to spruce up any PowerPoint you’re working on — or anything else you’re designing and building at work. With unlimited downloads, you have the option to play around with your designs without worrying about any added costs.

Templates for an Epic Presenter

top powerpoint templates

PresenterMedia, $39/month

PresenterMedia knows PowerPoint presentations can sometimes get a little (or a lot) dull. Their templates incorporate engaging graphics and animations to make the words on the screen far more memorable and fun. Long over are the days where your PowerPoint mirrors a colleague’s. Show off something as unique as yourself with these templates.

Let’s Go Slidesgo

top powerpoint templates

Slidesgo, $4/month

It’s time to put some pep in your step and boost your presentations in the workplace. Your colleagues will appreciate it. And who knows, you may end up having so much fun making the PowerPoint with Slidesgo, it won’t even feel like work. Slidesgo has Powerpoint templates for every occasion, every holiday and every reason you’d need to simply bring life to the office or school. These templates can easily be transferred to PowerPoint and Google Slides.

All Smiles for Smile Templates

top powerpoint templates

Smile Templates, $10/month for five templates

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I had access to fifty unique categories of presentation templates”? Come on, it couldn’t be just us who thought that. Well, if you’re anything like us, and in the market for PowerPoint templates that take the work out of finding a theme and creating something new, check out Smile Templates. Smile Templates offers more than 50 categories of PowerPoint templates, ranging from accounting to cars to real estate to sports. And they can be easily accessed by students, teachers, and workers alike. Smile Templates also offers PPT diagram templates, Google Slides themes, music loops, and PowerPoint template icons.