Top 5 Brands for Women’s Tummy Control Shapewear

Shapewear can be very empowering and inspire confidence. These 5 brands have shapewear that's great for tummy control — and more — so you can stop sucking in and start owning whatever room you're in.
Averil Gleason
Updated January 28, 2022

Being a woman can be exhausting. It’s standing up for ourselves in male-dominated fields, fighting for reproductive rights, marching for equality, and advocating for more body positivity in the media. So. Yeah. It’s exhausting. But just because women are standing up and fighting and advocating doesn’t mean we don’t also want to look good while doing it. You’re allowed to be a feminist and still splurge on spandex every now and again. So for this Dealspotr Top 5, we’re showing you the top shapewear brands that focus on your stomach because hey, who wants to suck in while changing the world? 

Kim K Approved

tummy control shapewear

SKIMS, $36

Kim Kardashian is snatched, and while a lot of that has to do with the miracles of medical science, she credits her hourglass figure to shapewear. Before starting SKIMS, Kim K would layer, cut, and reshape the shapewear in her closet to hide beneath her outfits while cinching her body. Since creating her own line of shapewear, SKIMS has something for everyone. Ranging in sizes from XXS to 5XL, with nine different nudes, you’ll get to flatten your tummy and enhance your curves the way you want.

Sweet Like Honey

tummy control shapewear

Honeylove, $84

Honeylove doesn’t want to align itself with the negative rep that shapewear has. Honeylove shapewear was created to empower women. With targeted compression technology, sweat wicking fabrics, and smoothing hourglass designs, Honeylove’s tummy control shapewear won’t roll down — which means you won’t have to worry about readjusting your shapewear every time you sit down, bend over, stand up, or lean back. 

Spanx for the Memories

tummy control shapewear

Spanx, $118

Spanx is the mother of all shapewear, but definitely the cool mother. After getting its start in 2000, Spanx didn't just become the most popular shapewear brand out there — it really established shapewear as its own retail category. Spanx is known for its tightening shapewear, but in recent years, has expanded. This shapewear brand now sells lifting leggings, shaping swimwear, and defining denim pants, among other things. 

Who, What, When, Shapewear

tummy control shapewear

Shapellx, $112

Shapellx is the perfect shapewear for women who want to flatten their tummy without also flattening their backside. Shapellx works to give you a smooth, streamlined look under your clothes while shaping and firming your tummy. The flattening design stays in the abdominal area. The shapewear also provides butt lifting and hip enhancing removable foam pads for that extra umph where you need it.

Go Figure

tummy control shapewear

InstantFigure, $84

If you’re looking for a shapewear that doesn’t interfere with your bras, InstantFigure is the brand for you. InstantFigure sells an underbust compression bodysuit that allows you to wear your own bra without the extra fuss.  By smoothing your tummy, waist, back, and hips, this shapewear can help you look up to five inches slimmer