Weekly Top 5: It’s Time to Upgrade (and Beautify) Your Desk Essentials

You spend a ton of time at your desk. It's time to replace some of your old, standard desktop items with fresh new ones.
Updated July 23, 2021

There is nowhere you spend more time than at your desk at work. (Yes, that’s kind of a sad statement, but it’s reality so let’s tackle it. Together.)  So for the 8+ hours a day you’re at work, why not morph that desk into something you love? For this Weekly Top 5, we’re going to help you upgrade some of the most basic items on your desk to keep your workspace attractive. Which might make you more productive. But even if it doesn’t, at least you’ll be distracted by gazing at nicer things.  

1. A temperature-controlled coffee mug

upgrade desk essentials

The Ember Mug2 at Ember, starting at $99.

Ceramic mugs are so last year. And so not helpful when keeping your hot coffee hot and your iced coffee chilled. The Ember Mug2 allows you to set an exact temperature that you want to keep your coffee. That way if a meeting is running late and you can’t get to your morning hot bean juice (that’s something people call coffee, right?), Ember is there to keep your coffee just how you like it.

2. A really nice (fake) plant

upgrade desk essentials

Artificial Succulents in Low Round Pot at Crate & Barrel, $50

Not everyone has an office space to call their own. And even if you’re in an office, the chances of working near a window with consistent sunlight are pretty slim. A great way to incorporate some greenery into your work life is by making a plan(t) of action. And you can do that by getting a faux plant for your desk. Crate & Barrel offers many options to go with your desk size and color schemes, but a superficial succulent may be your best, and cutest, bet.

3. A water bottle with crystal healing powers

upgrade desk essentials

Glacce Crystal Elixir Water Bottle at Free People, $80

Want to be the talk of the town, or at the very least, the talk of the office? Head to the break room with Free People’s Glacce Crystal Elixir Water Bottle. Not only does bringing a water bottle to the office decrease your carbon footprint, it also promotes positivity and purification into your daily routine with the all-natural, energizing effects of raw crystals. A water bottle with a crystal in it isn’t cheap, but, you know, healing powers are worth paying for.

4. A rose gold business card holder

upgrade desk essentials

Realspace Rose Gold Acrylic Business Card Holder at Office Depot, $7.29.

Business cards can come in handy, even in a digital world. So when someone pops by your office or needs your help at work, you don’t want to be fumbling around in your desk to find a crumpled business card. Office Depot offers lots of different business card holders, but we think this rose gold one totally goes with the vibe we’re curating at Dealspotr this week. (Although at $7.29, we’re thinking maybe it’s not actually made of solid gold.)

5. A charming desk calendar

upgrade desk essentials

Rose Gold Perpetual Desk Calendar at Etsy, $42

“What’s today’s date?” is a question that weirdly comes up a lot. Always have the date just one glance away — one stylish glance away — with an attractive desk calendar. The one we picked isn’t just interactive, it’s available in multiple colors on Etsy.