Weekly Top 5: Spooky Decor Products to Decorate with This Halloween

Get your house into the Halloween spirit with these decor options from small businesses.
Updated September 10, 2021

Halloween isn’t just a holiday. It’s a state of mind. And you shouldn’t have to wait until October to live your autumnal dreams. Starbucks sure doesn’t. In fact, the second that Starbucks announces that it’s pumpkin spice latte season (which seems to be coming earlier and earlier each year) and you see the most basic among us sporting knee-high suede boots with matching infinity scarves, it’s officially fall. Even if it is still 90 degrees outside.

That means it’s unofficially time for you to start decorating your house in its ghoulish glory — or at least planning to do so. For this week’s Dealspotr top five, we’re jumping right into everyone's favorite fall holiday (no offense, Talk Like a Pirate Day). Let’s look at the top five products that will turn your dream home into a haunted nightmare.

1. Bringing Hogwarts Home

weekly top 5 spooky decor products to decorate with this halloween

Owl Gold Lights, $10

There’s just something about twinkle lights that warm a room. So if you’re looking to bring some low-key light into a room, check out the Harry Potter-inspired owl lights from Impericon. This is a great product for soft-launching Halloween into your home. No wand required, maybe just some double AA batteries. 

2. A slightly-below-average height skeleton

weekly top 5 spooky decor products to decorate with this halloween

Five-Foot Skeleton Figurine, $69

A house isn’t a home without your very own human-sized skeleton. And you’re probably wondering, wow, you’re right, where can I get one that’s, say, five feet tall on such short notice? (Just in case it comes to life, that height probably means you could take it in a fight.) Grandin Road is currently selling a realistically-scaled, easily-dressable skeleton with movable limbs. To be clear, you’re the one who has to move the limbs, it doesn’t move on its own. Unless the one we ordered isn’t haunted like we hoped…

3. A pumpkin for your pet

weekly top 5 spooky decor products to decorate with this halloween

Kawaii Pumpkin Pet House, $90

Halloween isn’t just for humans, and Storenvy has made that very clear with its positively perfect pumpkin bed. This decorative bed takes the trouble away from actually having to carve your own pumpkins, because, really, have you actually ever tried to carve a pumpkin? It’s not as easy as it looks! What is easy, however, is going to the website and picking this bad boy up. And hey: Odds are even if your pet hates it, they’ll hate it less than the costume you try to force onto them.

4. A purrrfect door knocker

weekly top 5 spooky decor products to decorate with this halloween

Black Cat Iron Door Knocker, $20

Before anyone even steps foot into your home, let them know that you mean business. Eerie business. Design Toscano’s black cat door knocker gives your home a gothic feel. Feel the weight of the witches this black cat belongs to with each knock.

5. Holy Halloween decor, Batman

weekly top 5 spooky decor products to decorate with this halloween

Bat Cutouts, $4

Transform any room into one Dracula would approve of with Woodpeckers Crafts' bat cutouts. These wooden cutouts can be painted in any color you want, and they’re easy to hang so you can arrange in any way that would spookify your space. Plus what’s spookier than an arts and crafts project?