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Weekly Top 5: The Best Stuff to Buy for Your Fall Camping Trips

Sure, you've got your standard camping gear, but how 'bout an upgrade? Check out some new and innovative products for the next time you venture into the great outdoors.

Weekly Top 5: Five Products and Apps to Lock Down Your Online Security

Staying safe online is an ongoing challenge. These products and apps can help keep you (and your private data) more secure.

Online Safety for Seniors: How to Spot Fake News, Medicare Fraud, and Phishing Scams

When navigating the waters of the internet, emails, social media, and fake news, you want to make sure you're not getting scammed. Here's an online safety guide for all seniors to avoid online scams, medicare scams, and fake news.

The 60+ Most Lucrative Ways for Seniors to Earn Money Online

Attention seniors: your fast track to quick cash is here. These are the 60+ best ways for seniors to make money online.

Weekly Top 5: Modern Solutions to Hair Loss and Hair Growth

Five products that take a '20s approach to curbing hair loss or regrowing the hair that's already departed.

Weekly Top 5: Celebrities Who Turned Beauty Into Business

A roundup of five celebrities who started their own beauty and makeup lines — all with very different approaches.

Weekly Top 5: Healthy Tech to Keep You in Check

Need a boost for your physical or mental health? There are lots of emerging tech products to help you out, from wearables to apps.

Instagram Contests: The What, Why, and How

Learn about all the components of an Instagram contest, and how you can run a successful contest on your brand's Instagram account.

Everything You Need to Know About Finding and Contacting Micro-Influencers

So, you're going to run a micro-influencer marketing campaign. But how do you find these influencers? And once you find them, how do you contact them? Enter: The Epic Guide to Finding and Contacting Micro-Influencers.

Weekly Top 5: It’s Time to Upgrade (and Beautify) Your Desk Essentials

You spend a ton of time at your desk. It's time to replace some of your old, standard desktop items with fresh new ones.

Weekly Top 5: Unique BBQ Tools and Strange Grilling Accessories

Set your summer barbecue apart with these five eye-popping (but surprisingly useful) grilling tools and bbq accessories.

Weekly Top 5: The Best Summer Trending Products You'll Want to Buy in 2021

Our weekly roundup features summer products growing in popularity including sun-protecting bathing suits, throwback sunglasses, and booze on demand.

Weekly Top 5: Where You Should Shop for Your 2021 Summer Olympics Party

Our weekly roundup features trending stores for your Olympics party where you can get decorations, games, food, and more.

Our weekly roundup features trending stores for your Olympics party where you can get decorations, games, food, and more.

Use These 10 Shopify Apps to Boost Conversions

Want to automatically drive more purchases without having to think about it? Of course you do. Try these 10 Shopify apps that boost conversions.

The Ultimate Discounts And Savings Guide for People with Disabilities — 60+ Discounts To Take Advantage Of Now

Living with a disability shouldn’t leave you struggling financially; here are 60+ discounts for disabled persons on tech, health, travel, everyday living, and more.

40 Popular Influencer Marketing Platforms: Reviewed & Sorted by Cost

Deep-dive comparison of the leading influencer marketing platforms. Breaking down influencer marketplaces, influencer SaaS platforms, influencer discovery tools, influencer relationship management software, and shout services.

Instagram Story Engagement Is Higher Than Ever, Here Are 7 Ways to Boost It With Stickers

Instagram Stories are hot, hot, hot right now. If you want to maintain—or better yet, improve—your engagement on Instagram, the way to do it is with Instagram Stories stickers.

Meal Delivery Services That Let You Try The Plant-Based Diet You’ve Always Dreamed Of

If you've always wanted to try a plant-based diet but could never find the time or effort, these plant-based meal services offer a convenient solution.

Brooklinen vs. Parachute and Others: Comparing the 7 Best Luxury Bedding Brands

Bedding is one thing you shouldn't skimp on. Check out the top 7 luxury bedding startups on the market today, compared.

25 Gyms & Fitness Centers Offering Month-long, 7-Day, and Day Pass Free Trials

While shopping around for gyms, take advantage of the free trials and test memberships each gym provides. Here are 25 gyms that offer the longest free trials.

Deal Posting & Community Guidelines on Dealspotr

How to post deals on Dealspotr correctly. Tips, guidelines and policies for adding deals to our database.

3 Times It's Worth Splurging On a Macro-Influencer & Why They Work

When are macro-influencers the right choice for your influencer marketing campaign? And what kind of results they can deliver, really? We review all this and more.

Instagram Algorithm Changes for 2018: Ranking Factors, Stories, Hashtags

We break down the Instagram algorithm in 2018, the ranking factors it uses, and how it influences how you see posts on your feed, Stories, Search & Explore page, and Hashtag follows.

7 Ways Your Brand Can Repurpose Your Influencer Content for More Engagement

Influencers can do a lot for you on their own social media and web channels, but don’t let it stop there. Repurpose influencer content on your own channels for even more engagement!

Dig In - These 20 Hotels Offer FREE Minibar and Mini Fridge Items

Hotel minibars and mini fridges have come to be known as one thing: expensive. Here's a list of the 20 hotels that offer free items in their minibars or mini fridges.

How to Use Influencers & Promo Codes for Pop-up Event Marketing & 4 Examples to Follow

The two most important elements for pop-up success are foot traffic and buzz. Fortunately, those are two things influencers specialize in. Here's how influencers and promo codes can make your next pop-up a success.

A Complete Guide to Valentine's Day Marketing: The Right Hashtags, Influencer Promotions & Promo Codes

Valentine’s Day is a crowded space. Make sure your brand stands out by partnering with influencers, using the right hashtags, and making your promo codes easy to remember.

FabFitFun vs Birchbox vs Ipsy: Which Subscription Box Service Is Worth The Investment

Subscription boxes are a great way to try new things for a low investment of time and money. There are a wide variety of subscription boxes, ranging from food boxes to makeup boxes, and dog toy boxes to shaving kit boxes. We reviewed three popular beauty subscription box services to find out which one was worth the price and gave you the best products. Here's what we found.

10 Upstart Brands On Dealspotr Who Are Out To Save The Environment

Whether the impact is big or small, it is becoming more and more important for brands to be eco-friendly and help save the environment in their own unique ways. Check out some of Dealspotr's top picks of brands doing their part in making our world a cleaner, healthier place.

16 Ways Your Competitors Are Using Coupon Codes To Drive More Sales (Plus Two Bonus Ones You Have Never Heard Of)

There are many ways brands can be creative and offer discounts, and we've outlined the best 16 ways your competitors are doing so on their websites and in their stores. Check out our two bonus ideas for really creative ways to stand out and use promo codes to increase your brand's sales this year.

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Sponsored Ads More Authentic

New FTC rules are really strict when it comes to posting ads on Instagram, so here's how you can avoid being fake and distrusting with your sponsored posts to follow all the rules.

Consumers Trust Social Media Less & Forums More: A Beginner's Guide to Forum Marketing

80% of people trust forums more than the information they see on Facebook and Twitter. Here's how your brand can respond with smart forum marketing.

How to Search for Promo Codes with Amazon's Alexa

Do you struggle to find working coupon codes while you're waiting in a checkout line at the store? Learn how you can use your Alexa smart device to find you the best working coupon codes on Dealspotr before you even leave your home.

5 Stores You've Never Heard Of That Give Amazing Discounts

Struggling to find new great products at discounted prices? We've found 5 awesome stores you've never heard of that give amazing discounts. Check them out here.

20 Fashion Instagrammers To Follow In 2019

Get all of your 2019 fashion inspiration from these 20 stylish fashion influencers & gurus, right here on Dealspotr.

Planoly Review: 6 Ways Planoly Can Improve Your Instagram Profile

Does your Instagram profile have a unique and eye-catching aesthetic? Optimize your following and engagement by making your Instagram profile a grid of well-planned and visually pleasing photos. Here's now Planoly can help you do the trick.

Roomba vs RoboVac vs Shark: Which Robot Vacuum Do Owners Love the Most?

Robot vacuums were introduced in 2002, but fast forward to 2019 and there are many different kinds of smart home appliances including new robot vacuum devices. So, which robot vacuum brand is the best bang (or clean) for your buck? Learn more here.

10 Super Useful Products For Your Dog On Dealspotr

Looking for the best products to keep your dog safe, happy, and healthy? Here's a list of brands and accessories you and your dog will love.

10 Discount Codes You Won't Find on Google (Only on Dealspotr)

Tired of expired coupon codes? So are we. Check out these 10 valid discount codes you can only find on Dealspotr.

IGTV: Is It Worth Your Brand's Time?

Should your brand be using IGTV for effective marketing? Learn why (or why not).

Twitch Influencer Marketing for Non-Gaming Brands: Find Twitch Influencers & Campaign Inspiration

If your brand wants to reach young men between the ages of 18 to 34, you need to be influencer marketing on Twitch. Here's your guide to do it right.

20 Instagram Beauty Gurus & Influencers to Follow in 2019

Follow these top beauty gurus on Instagram to get some creative 2019 makeup and beauty inspiration.

Brands: How to Disclose Your (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) Sponsored Posts the Right Way

Ignoring FTC rules can be one of the biggest mistakes of influencer marketing. Here's how to properly disclose your sponsored posts on every platform.

Brands: Find Influencers to Reach Gen Z Consumers

With, brands finally have a way to reach Generation Z. Learn about what is, who influencers are, and how to find them for your brand.

55 Community, Non-profit, & Online Resources for People With Diabetes

In this article, we explore community resources such as online forums, meetups, and nonprofit organizations for people with diabetes.

Roundup: 16 Top Influencer Marketing Conferences & Events in 2018 / 2019

For brands interested in influencer marketing, conferences are a great way to learn fresh ideas, see new technologies, and network with influencers, marketers, and influencer marketing professionals.

8 Platforms to Find Nano-Influencers, Influencer Marketing's Newest Trend

Nano-influencers are influencer marketing's hottest new trend. Discover the benefits these influencers can provide for your brand, and learn where to find them.

Instagram Pods: Benefits, Risks, And The Controversy Behind Them

Instagram pods are groups of users who band together to increase each other's engagement. Learn about the benefits and risks of Instagram pods, and why they are so controversial for both influencers and brands.

7 Creative Social Media Story Ideas for the Holidays & Why They Worked

The social media Story format has exploded in popularity in recent years. As your brand maps out your social media holiday plan, consider how you can take advantage of the trend.

How to Save Even More This Cyber Monday

We spotted the best deals so you don't have to.
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