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Top 7 Examples of Beauty Brand Influencer Marketing Campaigns and Why They Worked

Does your beauty brand need some inspiration for your influencer marketing campaigns? Take a cue from these 7 top beauty brands.

The Complete Guide to Boosting Blog Revenue by Creating Sponsored Roundup Posts

Sponsored roundup posts are a great way for influencers to boost revenue while solidifying strong brand partnerships and affiliate relationships. Here, we tell you how to successfully write a sponsored roundup post, and highlight the influencers who are doing it right.

Share Deals on your Blog with Dealspotr's Deal-Sharing Widget

How to find and use the Dealspotr deal sharing widget for your blog. Embed any deal, coupon, or promo code on Dealspotr's site on your blog. Incorporate your own affiliate link to earn revenue from your widget.

12 Tips for Running a Successful Brand Ambassador Program

How are ambassador programs different from influencer marketing campaigns? Where do I find brand ambassadors? How do I compensate brand ambassadors?

Dealspotr Marketplace FAQ for Merchants

Dealspotr's Marketplace is an open platform for brands and influencers to collaborate on promotional influencer marketing campaigns. Here are solutions merchants' common questions.

These 9 Smart Water Bottles (Like Hidrate Spark) Sync with Fitbit, iOS, and Android to Track Your Water Intake

These nine smart water bottles each have their own purpose: fitness, fashion, or utility. Learn more about which smart bottle is right for you.

13 Premium Coolers (Similar to YETI) Ranked by Ice Retention, Performance, and Price

Hard-sided, premium coolers are becoming increasingly popular and durable due to the uniform, rotomolded design. Here's a look at the top premium hard coolers on the market today.

3 Easy Ways To Save On All Your Automotive Needs At AutoZone

When it comes to taking care of your car, only the best will suffice. Shopping at AutoZone gives you access to expert knowledge, great products, and hot deals on all of your automotive needs. If you are new to AutoZone, it can be a bit daunting.

How Much Should You Pay Influencers? Audit Any Influencer With This 15 Step Guide.

When you're running an influencer marketing campaign, it can be hard to know just what your social media influencer is worth paying. Use these 15 steps as an easy "how to" guide on auditing your influencer and decide how much they're really worth paying.

How JClub Drove $16K in Sales and Achieved 550% ROI with Micro-Influencers on Dealspotr

Micro-influencer marketing ROI case study. See how jClub, a fast growing discount shopping site, achieved over 300% ROI from micro-influencer marketing in Dealspotr's Influencer Marketplace.

10 Smart Wallets for 2018 with GPS Tracking + Features That May Surprise You

An in-depth look at the top smart wallets on the market and how to choose which one is right for you.

12 Stylish Women's Travel Backpacks with Anti-Theft Features

Meet 11 stylish travel backpacks that will take you where you need to go around the world safely via anti-theft features.

Influencer Marketing Insider: Interview with Genesis Chavez of Hourglass Angel

Hourglass Angel is a leader in the women's shapewear industry, helping women and men achieve their body shaping goals. They join us to provide insight into their influencer strategies.

These Top 20 Wearable Tech Micro-Influencers Can Put the Future of Tech in Your Hands... Literally

It's 2018, and tech is more wearable than ever. Check out our list of the top 20 wearable teach micro-influencers.

10 Gorgeous Insights into the Beauty Industry's Future Trends

These are the top 10 trends driving the beauty industry today. From eco-friendly products to more accessible cosmetics, see the ways in which the beauty industry is changing now.

40+ Creative Ways to Save Money in College, Straight From Real College Students

When it comes to saving money in college, college students have to get creative. We've rounded up the 40+ best tips for saving money on textbooks, food, clothes, and everything else in our latest scholarship entrant roundup.

Throwing a Health-Conscious Birthday Party? Here's How the Adults are Doing It.

If you're planning a healthy adult birthday party - opt for some of these health-conscious but fun ideas. From pomegranate mojitos to potted herb place holders, you can't go wrong.

The Big Guide to Defining Your Blog's Niche

Need help focusing your blog? This guide will help you define your blog's niche with a few easy steps.

Amazon Spark for Influencers: Is The Next Big Social Media Platform Here?

Amazon Spark, though small for an Amazon venture, is ripe for influencers right now. See how jumping on the platform now as an influencer can benefit your overall influence in the long run.

Couch-in-a-Box: The Best Modular Sofa Brands that Deliver to Your Door, Plus Discounts for Each

This is a list of the best modular, flat-pack couch-in-a-box brands that will deliver quality, build-it-yourself seating right to your home or office.

How TemplateMonster Engages with Influencers

TemplateMonster's John Lukas discusses the ways the hosting giant works with influencers as part of their affiliate marketing strategy.

These Top 11 Makeup Brands Offer Student Discounts for College Students

Looking for makeup brands that offer college discounts? You're in luck — here are 10 fashion brands that offer student discounts.

The 20 Fastest-Growing Fashion Brands on Social Media in 2018

These 20 fashion brands are lighting it up as the fastest-growing fashion brands on social media. These Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter powerhouses have attracted fans by the millions, and are still growing.

Are Personalized Vitamin Services Worth It? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Top 12 Brands.

These personalized vitamins will take the guess work out of your health and wellness.

The 14 Best Pieces of Content to Come out of the Dealspotr Marketplace (So Far)

The Dealspotr Marketplace has been up and running for a few months now, and our registered brands have been enjoying a wealth of conversion-driving content from the influencers and micro-influencers on the platform.

Blue Apron For Dogs? These 6 Fresh Pet Food Services Make it Easier to Feed Your Pet Homemade Food Every Day.

Meet six fresh dog food brands serving up a Blue Apron service for dogs.

18 Sustainable Activewear Brands and What They Stand For

The ultimate list of sustainable activewear brands that will feed your soul and survive your workouts.

55+ Free and Low-Cost Mental Health Resources for When You Can't Afford Therapy

If you're looking to find mental health care on a budget, don't worry — there are still many options for you to get help. Here are 55+ free and low-cost mental health resources, plus a few discounts on each.

55+ Special Deals & Discounts for U.S. Government Employees and Municipal Workers

Government employees enjoy some of the best benefits for any profession. Here is a complete list of discounts for government employees and municipal workers.

19 Habits That Can Save College Students Thousands of Dollars a Year

Say goodbye to living like a broke college student — these 19 easy tricks and tips won't disrupt your everyday life, but they will help you save hundreds of dollars.

Maximize the Value of your Old, Damaged Tech on these Top 12 Device Trade-In Sites

Need cash fast? Try selling your old, unused, or broken devices back to one of these websites or services.

45+ Discounts on Disaster & Emergency Preparedness Supplies for Your Pet

Your pets can't protect themselves in a disaster — but you can. Here are over 40 discounts on pet emergency preparedness supplies.

10 Smart Home Security System Startups, Compared: Arlo vs. Nest vs. Amazon Cloud Cam (+ Others)

Protecting your home is easier than ever with a wealth of new startups offering smart home security system technology. Compare the top 10 smart home security system startups here.

The 10 Best Hypoallergenic Mattress Brands Compared: Purple Mattress vs. Casper and Others

Looking for a hypoallergenic mattress? We've reviewed the top 10 hypoallergenic bed-in-a-box mattress brands on the market that will ship directly to your door.

40+ Swimming Pool Alternatives for Your Backyard This Summer

Looking for a cheaper alternative to a swimming pool this summer? Here are 40 alternatives to a swimming pool this summer.

These are the 10 Trendiest Swim Trunk Brands for Summer. Here's How to Save on Each.

Swim in style this summer with the 10 hottest swim trunk brands around today, and tips on how to save money on each one.

Go Green with the Top 20 Eco-Friendly Micro-Influencers to Follow Right Now

Go green with these top 20 eco-friendly micro-influencers.

Travel, Dining, & Retail Store Discounts for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

Entertainment, dining, travel, sporting good, and other deals and discounts for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Eagle Scouts, and the like.

The 6 Best Waterproof Smartwatches, Compared: Apple Watch v. Samsung Gear S3 and Others

Looking for a new waterproof smartwatch? We review the top 6 on the market right now, plus compare things like OS compatibility, design features, and app availability.

Eco-friendly Grilling: Top Hacks and the Best Green Products for Having an Eco-Friendly BBQ

Green up your grill — here are the best products and hacks for having an eco-friendly grilling BBQ.

30 of the Best Organic Skincare Brands, and How to Save Money on Each

Learn how to save money on the 30 best organic skincare brands on the market today.

The Top 8 Best Blogging Platforms for Influencers & Micro-Influencers

If you're ready to expand your social media influence to a more permanent home on the web, there are a ton of options when it comes to blogging platforms. Here's your guide to the pros and cons of the most popular blogging platforms out there today.

25+ Coffee Products, Gadgets & Apps Every Coffee Nerd Needs

How to save money on the top 25 products, gadgets, and apps for coffee nerds.

See How This Millennial Turned Her Blogging Hobby into a Six-Figure Full-time Career

Michelle of Making Sense of Cents is one millennial blogger who has made the most out of her influential platform.

Fresh Brew: These are the Top 20 Coffee & Tea Micro-Influencers to Follow Right Now

Need a caffeine boost, but already had too much coffee? These 20 coffee and tea micro-influencers will have you perked up in no time.

Killer YouTube Product Reviews: 10 Examples, Plus Tips for Influencers

Ever wonder what makes a great YouTube product review? It's a mixture of using the product, being knowledgeable about the brand, and garnering trust fro your viewers - and these 10 videos have mastered all 3.

Make Money from your Home Garden: 24 Ideas for Growing & Selling Your Own Plants

The 24 absolute best ways to make money from your home garden.

Less than 6% of Americans Participate in the Gig Economy, Seniors Plan to Increase Hours Over Next Year

Gig economy survey findings 2018. Less than 6% of Americans have a side gig, seniors plan to increase their participation over the next year, females are happier about participating in the gig economy than men.

50 Devices, Kits, and Services to Save Money on Cracked Smartphone Screen Repairs

Cracked screens can be annoying, and to fix them can run you about $100 or more, depending on the make and model of your device. Here's a list of discounts and resources to save money on fixing a cracked phone screen.

Nikes & Jordans & Yeezys, Oh My! These are the 20 Best Sneaker Apps for Sneakerheads.

For all you sneakerheads out there, here are the 20 best sneaker apps for buying, selling, designing, and connecting with other sneaker lovers around the world.
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