Hi, we're Demand.io.
Our mission is to make ecommerce work better for everyone.

We create and run a network of forward-thinking, decentralized shopping applications that make everyday shopping tasks easier, more fun and more rewarding.


Our goal is to create & distribute value by enabling greater alignment between shoppers, creators and brands in the ecommerce value chain. We do this through the community-driven products we build and run.

The challenges Consumers need accurate and unbiased information. Brands need visibility and sales. Creators need to connect with their fans and opportunities to grow a sustainable business.

Our approach We're building forward-thinking, decentralized products that better align the interests of consumers, brands and creators to share value and thrive in the dynamic world of ecommerce.

Our properties

By the numbers
Operating at scale

We're helping millions of consumers more confidently find and acquire the things they'll love — all while helping merchants and influencers capture & maximize value. #WinWin

$1B annual transaction volume
10M+ unique monthly shoppers
7K+ verified influencers
2.8K product categories covered

Our values

We look to create and operate a sustainable business over the long-term by looking beyond our short-term objectives towards our overall mission as a company and the impact we want to have on the world. Our values are an expression of what we care about and guide what we focus on as a company.

So what's it like working here?
Here's a glimpse

Achieve big things. Have fun while doing it.

More like a family than a company, we're a small team of people with a passion for building things with impact. We work hard, we play hard, we nerd out topics spanning wine, comedy, triathlons and web3. Most of all, we love what we do and we make everyday count.

Awesome culture. Setup for success.

Partner program

As a profitable enterprise for nearly a decade, we share our profits back with employees in the form of a monthly dividend. Based on tenure and seniority, our Partner compensation program can significantly increase your cash income, rivaling a top tier venture-backed exit or liquidity event.

Built for growth

Over the years, we've achieved substantial yet steady growth as a business. We're poised to continue and accelerate this growth, meaning long-term job security and confidence that your work will have a lasting positive impact on people's lives.

Best ideas win

We're not big believers in hierarchy. What matters most is building the best products that serve our users. On our team the best ideas win.

Seasoned, passionate leaders

We're a team of seasoned leaders operating on lean startup principles. We believe in maintaining a high standard of excellence so that you're always working with A+ players.

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Meet the team

Our international team is a crucial part of our success. Super talented, highly dedicated and always fun to work with, our extended team transforms our products into awesome user experiences.

Rey Bangas

Knoji Team Manager

Marvin Albuera

SimplyCodes Team Manager

Maria Pedrilyn Panal

Monetization Team Manager

Jenesis Lerin

Customer Support Lead
Celestina Boiles Kimberly Pagula Mary Joy Necosia Angela Vidal Emma Lyn Soronio Jesson Garcia Silvina Naomi Alvarez Norman Val Agbon Nestor Dimagna-Ong Maria Clemense Agbon Mar Louie Taypin Jubishi Hatamosa Jade Vincent Albaracin Gladys Agbon Emily Rhea Judilla Dale Rosvic Cid Chariellene Grace Edroso Berdela Judilla Renelyn Natividad Melissa Mae Salesa Jhune Clyde Pepito Gonzalo Damole Annalyn Aroy Amiel Jay Aranilla Al Bryan Branzuela Dexter Amaca Aristeo Aranilla Leslie Tanquezon Conchita Basiga April Sittie P. Macaorao Vernie Dag-uman Reabelle Tanqueson Fil Deminic Remedios

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