AmbassaΒ­dorΒ­ships done right.

Favely helps you form long-term, profitable relationships with influencers and brands using a blend of up-front payments and affiliate commissions.

Three examples of influencers partnering with brands to drive sales performance, including The Kitchenista, 2monkeystravel and Runa Lucienne.

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Brands, How do you turn that one successful campaign into long-term ROI?

Tiled image mixed with photos of influencers, charts and graphs measuring performance and of social engagement with thumbs up.

Influencers, How do you partner with brands you and your audience truly love?

Tiled image mixed with brand logos for merchants influencers can discover along with a search bar showing you can search for brands, categories and interest as well as the ability to filter by things like what's trending or black-owned businesses.

Trust and affinity
are at the heart of performance.

When a brand and influencer have a shared love for the products, something magical happens – consumers can feel it and purchase confidently at scale. We've seen it working on our platform in bunches, which is why we’re building Favely to be your comprehensive relationship management platform to make that magic happen continuously.

One-stop shop
relationship management

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Influencer & brand discovery

Scour our database of over 10,000 verified influencers and brands with powerful filters to find the perfect fit β€” no login required.

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Campaign launching made easy

Spin up campaigns quickly with data-backed recommendations to keep brand goals front and center to attract potential ambassadors.

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Candidate evaluation & negotiation

We'll elevate influencers who see the brand as more than a paycheck with recommended matches and guidance around compensation.

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Performance-drive data and analytics

Set up our tracking pixel in minutes get a holistic picture of your marketing spend ROI with the metrics that truly matter.

Why brands
choose Favely

We're always struggling to understand our ROI on content-based campaigns with influencers. Even when successful, they're short-term gains that require repeat efforts to find new influencers for campaigns every time.
David, Director of Influencer Marketing

Performance-based compensation

Pressure for larger up-front costs are reduced in exchange for an affiliate model that rewards sales and encourages recurring brand mention.

Track via referral codes automagically*

We create personalized discount referral codes for each influencer you run campaigns with, giving them differentiated content and boosting your campaign's conversions with comprehensive data to back it.

* Works on non-hyperlinked platforms including Instagram and TikTok.

Discover and recruit hyper-relevant influencers without logging in

Browse thousands of lifestyle influencers with deep specificity to connect with those that truly get your brand. Our open environment is built on transparency and provides you influencer stats far beyond follower counts to highlight audience engagement and quickly evaluate fit.

Manage your entire relationship management workflow directly from Favely

Full CRM capabilities are built-in to handle everything you need from connecting and negotiating with influencers to handling logisitics of campaign execution to content review, analytics tracking, escrow payout, bilateral reviews and more.

Why creators
choose Favely

I'm always looking to work with brands that I'm proud to represent and that my audience will love β€” that's incredibly hard. Ambassadorships enable me to build long-term relationships with continuous profits as the brand grows.
Jessica, Blogger & lifestyle influencer

Continuously monetize your content

Instead of one up-front fee for your big investment in content, get exclusive discount codes for brands you love and get paid for every sale you drive while still getting the up-front payment you need. Now your content is generating passive income for you with minimal effort.

Enjoy working with brands that you already know and love

There's nothing worse than investing time in creating content for a brand whose products you don't really care for. So why do it? We help you connect and partner with brands that inspire you – it makes for more rewarding content for you and helps you share your love for those products with your audience.

Be on the forefront of what's happening in ecommerce

Favely becomes your destination to discover new and interesting brands that align with your interests, allowing you to produce stand-out content and introduce them to the world through your audience.

Learn the ins and outs of influencing sales

Every brand is looking to invest in brand ambassadors that can help them acquire new customers. Learn how to drive conversions through your content and promotion with expert guidance informed by success stories.

Still have questions?

How can I get early access to try out Favely?

Favely will be available via invitation only. If you'd like to gain early access, please complete the form to request an invite.

How does pricing and compensation work on Favely?

The Favely platform is completely free to use. If you're a brand, your campaign may require a small up-front fee to influencers for content creation and remaining compensation will be paid on an affiliate (CPA) model.

How will Favely help me track performance for my campaigns?

As a brand onboarding to Favely, we'll provide an easy to install tracking pixel that will measure end-to-end performance on your campaigns and provide robust insights that are tailored to your goals.

More details on the tracking pixel will be available soon.

What will happen to the Dealspotr Marketplace once Favely is launched?

While we will eventually sunset the Dealspotr Marketplace, there will be a buffer period to allow plenty of time for brands and influencers to migrate over to Favely. The Dealspotr team will be sending communication about the transition period, so keep an eye on your inbox!

Will I need to create a new Favely account if I'm already a Dealspotr customer?

Our team is aiming to make the transition from Dealspotr to Favely as seamless as possible, including the migration of your account. As we get closer to launching Favely, the Dealspotr team will send instructions on how to best migrate to Favely.

What types of influencers can I expect on Favely? What platforms will Favely support?

Favely will focus on relevant matching of brands with influencers of all sizes. We'll support influencers from many platforms including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat, Clubhouse, podcasts, blogs and more.

Authentic relationships. Brand value. Long-term ROI. That’s Favely

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